Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring Options

  • Students who are unable to attend a proctoring session at an AAPS building will need to go through the process of having a remote proctor approved by the A2 Virtual+ administration. Students will still be required to take the test in-person at the remote proctoring location under the supervision of the approved proctor. 

    Remote proctors must meet all of the following qualifications: 

    • Cannot be related to the student
    • Cannot be associated with the student through coaching or tutoring.
    • Cannot be an employee of the student's family.
    • Cannot be associated with the student in any way that would interfere with their ability to be objective during the testing process.

    Students start the process by completing the form to have a remote proctor approved. Proctors will then also complete the proctoring version of the form to share their information with the A2 Virtual+ administration.