• The Ann Arbor Public Schools has partnered with PowerSchool Enrollment to allow parents to pre-enroll their students online. Please see our Who Can Apply page for more information.

    Enrollment Process:

    1. Determine which enrollment options are available and best suit your student.
    2. Complete a pre-enrollment by clicking the Enroll or Apply button below.
    3. Complete the full enrollment by email invitation, and upload the required enrollment documents.

    Schools of Choice Available April 16 to May 10 and May 29 to June 27

  • Neighborhood Enrollments

  • Young 5s

  • In-District Transfers

  • Schools of Choice

  • Non-Resident Children of Employees

  • Lottery Schools

    Apply for 2024-25
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  • Neighborhood pre-enrollment is available for new students for the 2024-25 academic year:
      • Young 5s - Enrollment is limited to space availability and is not guaranteed at neighborhood schools
      • Kindergarten - 12th grade
    Enrollment for current students is available and was sent via email on May 8. Have a snapcode and need to complete the registration? Click here
    If you experience technical difficulties or have questions, please email us at <enroll@a2schools.org>.