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    The mission of Ann Arbor Huron High School is to inspire and advance academic achievement for all students through excellence in teaching, learning and equitable practices. Students will be challenged to be successful, caring, life-long learners and active members of the global community.

    Huron High School Counselors believe that a quality Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Program is an integral part of the holistic educational process. Utilizing the Huron High School Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling curriculum, Counselors systematically and actively support all students in the acquisition of the skills necessary to demonstrate competencies in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development. By acquiring these competencies, students will be empowered to learn to learn, learn to work, and learn to live now and in the future in an increasingly diverse society.

    Our primary counseling focus is academic planning for high school, college, careers, and life beyond. Your School Counselors are premier Ann Arbor College and Career Counselors!

    Counselors are available 8:00 am through 3:00 pm for students, parents and faculty. Post Covid, email is the best way to contact your counselor for an appointment.  

    Many questions can be answered using our website. Please refer to our website here.

    All Huron Huron High School School Counselors are highly qualified in Guidance & Counseling having earned a Master's Degree or higher education in our profession and maintaining required certifications. Our Counselors believe in lifelong learning and demonstrate our commitment to this belief by pursuing ongoing training  through College Education/Classes, AAPS Professional Development, Professional Organizations and Conferences, Workshops, etc. . . in specialty areas such as Post-Secondary Planning, College Counseling, Specific Personal Issues (see resource pages) etc. . .
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