• Clubs Guidelines & Forms

    Students are encouraged to participate in school organizations and club activities while attending their four years at Huron High School. Studies show that students who participate in sports, school organizations, or club activities feel more connected to school and academically perform better than those students who do not participate.

    Some clubs and organizations are by invitation only (e.g., National Honor Society) but most are open to all students. Contact the faculty advisor to find out about participating.

    Clubs and organizations typically meet during different times in the week. Meeting day/times are announced in the Daily announcements at school. Locations are listed below. Clubs cannot be held during 7th hour unless there is a second meeting 8th hour. The faculty advisor is responsible for denying 7th period students from attending club meetings during class time. Students need to show the faculty advisor his/her schedule in order to participate.

    Students can start a club by finding a responsible faculty advisor, completing the required paperwork and submitting it to the Principal's office for approval.

    The submission window for new clubs will close for the school year on March 15.

    Clubs that wish to participate in fundraising activities must follow the Rules and Regulations Regarding Fundraising Activities.

    FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS at Huron, contact the Principal's office at 994-2043.