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    Burns Park Elementary School Mission Statement

    To foster academic achievement in a safe and nurturing environment which develops responsible citizenship, a positive self-image, creativity, sensitivity to others and multi-cultural awareness. 


    Dear Burns Park Families,

    We had a wonderful time last night at our family sing-along. Thanks so much to Joyce Song, Jessica Anderson, and Carly Groves, for planning and organizing this lovely event and thanks also to our PTO for your support. Mr. Hatt found himself unable to sing during many or our young soloists turn at the microphone, and of course when Ms. Noble led our school song, because our Penguins and our friendships can bring tears to our eyes and lumps in our throats.

    Students were also very excited, and grateful, for the return of Walk and Talk. Many thanks to our parent coaches for supporting this popular event and to Courtney Heys, Leah Clark, Amy Mayer, and Carrie Hammerman for organizing us. Here is a quick message from our Walk and Talk Committee:

    Walk and Talk has officially begun for Spring and we need your help!  Our Penguins were so excited to start running/walking their laps and earning their toe tags last week.  Our number of participants have increased which came with some choas in getting the laps counted and handing toe tags out.  Because of this we REALLY need volunteers. When we do not have enough volunteers we have to cancel Walk and Talk for the day, which really bums out our little and big penguins.  Also, please be aware that if you have signed up to volunteer and cannot make it, we really need you to make arrangements to get a sub. We understand that life happens but when you sign up we count on you, and not having the expected volunteers can cause difficulties that really affect the program. Volunteering for Walk and Talk is a fun way to get outside, encourage fitness, and spend time with our penguins during the school day so we hope you can join us!

    You can sign up by clicking the link below:


    Thanks so much!

    -Walk and Talk Committee

    Speaking of Courtney, congratulation for your run in the Boston Marathon tomorrow. Third grade teacher Kevin Conte will also run in Boston and we’d like you to view this video from our district news that features Kevin and his class.


    We often say, and we know from experience, that Burns Park Penguins will go on to make significant contributions on the world stage. Rowan Meyer-Tucker is such a Burns Park Penguin. Currently a sophomore at Pioneer High School and is currently featured in Turner Classic Movie’s 25th Anniversary contest. Entrants were asked to create a 90-second video describing why they love TCM, and to whom they would like to dedicate a movie:


    Based on this video, Rowan was selected as one of 25 winners from across the country! TCM flew us to Atlanta for two days in January, where he filmed his dedication on the TCM set with host Ben Mankiewicz, and met all of the other winners.

    Here is a promo about the fan dedications that just came out from TCM - Rowan is shown briefly in the middle, and then also at the very end:


    This whole experience was truly a dream come true for Rowan, because he loves old films and is a huge fan of TCM. His film dedication will air on Thursday, April 18 at 8:00 pm.

    We hope you get a chance to see Rowan on TV or YouTube. His winsome comments and affable manner are quite charming and we are happy for his success. As we like to say, “Once a Penguin, always a Penguin” and we are happy for all of our student’s success.

    On Wednesday we will once again host the Burns Park, Red Cross, Blood Drive, in the gym and auditorium, from 200-800. This event features the following:


    •Walk Ins

    •Homemade treats

    •Massage (from 2-6)

    •Live music, featuring Cowboy Bob

    •Zingerman's!  Argus Farms!

    •Goody bags

    •Handwritten thank you notes

    You'll be treated well by our cute kids!

    To sign up:


    sponsor code BPE

    If you have any questions or are having trouble signing up, email Sandy Kreger (lucky teacher) at kreger@aaps.k12.mi.us

    On Thursday we will host the Beau Monde dance group for an assembly led by Gina Thompson (Scott’s sister) and her group of young dancers. This interpretive dance presentation is very engaging for our Penguins. The assembly is in the early afternoon, all are invited, and we will send more details before the date.

    Also on Thursday, we hope you can join us for our April PTO meeting which begins at 7:00 PM in the Media Center. As always, childcare is provided.

    Please mark your calendars for Friday as school is closed for students and staff.

    We are grateful for our school community and your commitment to social, emotional, and academic learning for all of our children. It’s going to be a great week at Burns Park Elementary School. Please join us when you can.

    Your Principals, 

    Chuck and Laura

    Dear Fantastic Burns Park Families!

    We hope you had a great week! Our Michigan weather is keeping us on our toes! Beautiful sunshine filled 70’s to  Sunday morning ice showers! Don’t put the winter jackets away just yet! A huge shout out to all who joined us last night to sing their hearts out and celebrate the second annual Penguin family Sing-A-Long! Thank you to Carly Groves, Jessica Anderson and Joyce Song for putting together another stellar program! This is such a wonderful time to be a penguin with our Walk and Talk program starting back up, the Burns Park Run in two weeks and Sandy Kreger's Blood Drive this Wednesday not to mention all of the after school programs and sports that are getting into full swing for the Spring season! Be sure to mark you calendars and please plan to join us on Thursday, April 18th at 7:00 p.m. for the April PTO monthly meeting!  We will be discussing the many exciting upcoming events before the school year ends. Look for an email this week soliciting self-nominations for officer positions within the PTO.

    Please click here to enjoy the latest edition of the Burns Park Press: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kw4773bqld6a8n6/BP_Press_2019-04.pdf?dl=0

    Do take a moment to see below for all of the exciting information and details on upcoming events!

    Have a great week at Burns Park Elementary.

    As always, please feel free to email us if you have any questions.


    Jennifer Monk-Reising


    Jill Schloff


    Burns Park PTO Co-Presidents 2018-2019



    4/17 Blood Drive

    4/18 - PTO meeting at 7pm in the Media Center

    4/19 - NO SCHOOL


    It’s officially spring now - and we welcome Burns Park students to join us for laps around the orange cones during lunch recess on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  If your son or daughter participated in the fall, please tell them to look under the bed and deep in the closet for those metal chains full of colorful toe tags so they can bring them back to school this season.  Veterans and new volunteers - please come out and join us!! It's a great chance to see very happy and active Burns Park students! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0444ada629aafa7-fall 


    Burns Park Red Cross Blood drive

    April 17 2-8 - Auditorium and gym


    •Walk Ins

    •Homemade treats

    •Massage (from 2-6)

    •Live music, featuring Cowboy Bob

    •Zingerman's!  Argus Farms!

    •Goody bags

    •Handwritten thank you notes

    You'll be treated well by our cute kids!

    To sign up:


    sponsor code BPE

    If you have any questions or are having trouble signing up, email Sandy Kreger (lucky teacher) at kreger@aaps.k12.mi.us


    41st Annual Burns Park Run


    The 41st Annual Burns Park Run will take place Sunday, May 5, 2019. This is the largest fundraiser for the Burns Park PTO. We hope you will join us to run, walk, cheer or volunteer as we have fun and raise funds! Registration for the Run is available at: https://runsignup.com/Race/MI/AnnArbor/burnsparkrun?remMeAttempt=

    See you Sunday, May 5th!

    The Burns Park Run is in need of a Volunteer Coordinator for this year’s run!  This year’s run is Sunday, May 6 and is only successful because of the 130+ volunteers that help run the day!

    The Volunteer Coordinator will help to recruit and communicate with volunteers.

    Please contact the race directors if you are interested- racedirectors@burnsparkrun.org

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Dave Lowenschuss, Kate Flewelling and Elizabeth Villiard

    2019 Race Directors


    The Spring staff appreciation luncheon is Monday, May 6th. This tradition is a great way to show our awesome Burns Park teachers and staff how much we appreciate them. Please consider contributing an item or two to ensure this special event is a success. Sign up here to contribute or to volunteer your time:


    If you have any questions, please contact Julie Soldan at juliesoldan@gmail.com.

    Burns Park Lunch Schedule 2018-2019