Degrees and Certifications:

• BA, Scientific & Technical Communication, Michigan Technological University • Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certification, Technology & Design Education, Eastern Michigan University • MA, Educational Media & Technology, Eastern Michigan University (ongoing)

Mr. Bill Van Loo

I am a technology, engineering and design educator who is passionate about empowering kids. I run the STEAM Lab, our school’s space for hands-on learning through the STEAM subject areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math). As a teacher, I value hands-on projects, cross-curricular learning experiences, and use of the design process to show students how to solve problems.

I am certified in Technology & Design Education (TX, grades K-12) and Communication/Theater Arts (BD, grades 6-12) in the state of Michigan. The combination of my technological background and my artistic pursuits means I use a range of different methods, technologies, and projects in my teaching. My mission as a teacher is to teach technological literacy and help my students become thoughtful members of society who take joy in solving problems and using technology to help them achieve their personal goals.

I have a Master’s degree in Educational Media and Technology from Eastern Michigan University, as well as a Bachelor's degree from Michigan Technological University in Scientific and Technical Communication.

In addition to working in K-12 education, I’ve also taught at Wayne County Community College District and the College for Creative Studies.