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    Home of the Dolphins


    Welcome Back Bodie! 

    We are pleased to welcome back Mr. Dave Konkle and his therapy dog, Bodie, to the Dicken Community! 

    Bodie is a certified therapy dog and has gone through extensive training to safely work with individuals of all ages. Bodie will visit students during Library over the coming months, alternating times each week so that eventually every class has a turn to read to Bodie.



    Dicken Dash

     Get Ready to Dash!

    Learn more about the Dash and get all your questions answered with this awesome Dicken Dash Handbook


    Mission Statement 

    Dicken School will inspire all students as leaders to achieve their full academic and social potential as lifelong learners. We will emphasize equity and opportunity for each and every child, each and every day.

    Vision: All Dicken students have the resources and support they need to meet grade level outcomes:

    • Dicken School continually focuses on effective student learning
    • Individualized classroom instruction meets the learning styles of all students
    • Communication fosters partnerships with students, staff, families, & community
    • Knowledge empowers students for success in the 21st century
    • Every student is engaged in his or her learning
    • Necessary life skills and appreciation of diversity prepare Dicken students to be global citizens


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