• Our storage space at school is extremely limited, so I would encourage families not to run out to the local superstore to purchase a cart full of school supplies. We will be working at tables, and students will have chairs with a pocket on the back to store supplies that will be used during the course of the day. Chair pockets are not personal toy boxes, cupboards, or trashbags. 
    Supplies necessary for our classroom curriculum will be provided. These will include the following:
    - Composition Book
    - Reader's response log
    - math spiral notebook (for taking notes during math class)
    - science and social studies spiral notebook
    - Everyday Math Journals 1 and 2
    - a writing folder
    - student planner
    - classroom tools (ruler, scissors, protractor, colored pencils, markers, etc.)
    - homework folder 
    Students may also need or want the following:
    - pencils and erasers
    - pencil box or holder
    - personal tools
    - three ring pocket organizer
    - water bottle
    - sneakers for P. E. class
    During the course of the year, we will need the following items: facial tissue, pencils, eraser caps, (more to follow)
     If you would like to make a donation to the class, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Students should leave the following at home:
    - toys (defined as something one plays with)
    - make-up and perfume (lip balm is okay)
    - permanent markers
    - items of value (we do not have lockers)
    - electronics (ipods, phones, etc.)
    - weapons of any sort
    - negative attitudes