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  • Happy Retirement, Principal Mary Cooper!Mary

    Dear King Families,

    Several months ago, I began to ponder how I would say good-bye to the children.  The King kids are incredibly near and dear to me, and they deserve something special. Weeks later, I awoke at 4:00 AM (very unusual for me), and the idea was clear to me…write a book!  

    So I did…using Mo Willems’ characters, Piggie and Elephant, I created my own story with photos around King Elementary called, Piggie Moves to Texas.  

    It was a true joy and pleasure to read the book to each class, and the kids loved it (maybe because it’s dedicated to them).  

    Here’s a video recording and the link:

    Another way to view the book is by seeing it as a slideshow here:

    There are several important messages embedded in the story to discuss, so I hope you’ll view it as a family. Additionally, several of the students asked for my email address; my personal email will be I would love to hear from the kids and you. As one student said, “You’re going to have 500 pen pals!”  Well, what else do retired principals do?!

    Thank you for the incredible trust you have placed in me; what an absolute honor and joy this life chapter has been!  

    Mary Cooper

    Mary Cooper Retirement

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