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  • Elementary Mathematics 

    Everyday Mathematics provides the core learning resource for Mathematics in the Ann Arbor Public Schools elementary grades. Everyday Mathematics (EDM) supports teachers in providing students with the mathematical instruction and experiences they need to ensure that their learning focuses on the major work of each grade.  Units of study are based on grade level goals for mathematical content and mathematical practice supported by aligned instruction and assessment. 

    Elementary Mathematics The structure of Everyday Mathematics is designed to support three core priorities: (1) focus, (2) rigor, (3) coherence.
    Focus. The scope of content in each grade provides focus to help students experience grade level mathematics more deeply. Students learn best through massed practice of new learning and then distributed practice to maintain and extend learning.
    Rigor. The Everyday Mathematics materials are designed to support students in meeting rigorous expectations by deepening conceptual understanding, developing strong procedural skills, and by applying concepts in everyday life experiences. 
    Coherence. Coherence in our standards addresses the need to continually return to familiar topics in ways that provide increasing levels of complexity in differing contexts. The Michigan Mathematical Standards offer coherence to achieve this across grade levels.
    The District's current digital platform provides access to Everyday Mathematics resources for students, families, and teachers - whether at school or at home. Students in grades K-5 have a login site for their elementary building, which links to an individualized student center. This resource allows families to access games, student reference books, homelinks, and activities for the current unit. Students and families can receive login information from their classroom teachers.
    Additional resources for Parents can be found on the Everyday Mathematics website can be found below.
    Be sure to select the (EM4 Edition) - http://everydaymath.uchicago.edu/parents/ 
     Ann Arbor Open's core learning resource is (Currently Under Review)
    The Michigan K-12 Mathematics Standards may be found here: Michigan K-12 Mathematics Standards
    The Council of Great City Schools provides information on such topics as:
    1) the progression of student learning across grade levels
    2) suggestions for helping your child at home
    3) questions to ask your child's teacher for a better understanding of your child's growth
    4) parents may find ways to enrich a child's work at home by understanding the learning that will happen in the following year.
    Anthony Stamm
    K-5 Mathematics and
    Science Curriculum Coordinator

    K-5 Student Center Access
    to ConnectED
    All K-5 students have Access
    to ConnectED via Clever. Students
    should log in to Clever as link on
    the McGraw-Hill icon, seen below. 
    Once logged on students can
    access games, the reference
    book, homelinks, and the
    eTool kit.
    Student Center EM4