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  • Middle School Mathematics 

    Students in the Ann Arbor Public Schools experience the sequence of courses shown below during the middle school grades. In doing so, they meet the Michigan K-12 Mathematics Standards targeted for grades six through eight. Further, they engage in mathematical practices that will set the foundation for Career and College Readiness.  Students may earn 0.5 or 1.0 Algebra credit and 1.0 Geometry AC credit toward high school graduation. 
    Middle School Course Sequence

    Math Courses  

    Units of Study in Middle School Courses 
  • Math 6

    • Using Factors and Multiples
    • Comparing With Rates and Ratios
    • Using Fraction Operations
    • Two Dimensional Geometry
    • Computing with Decimals and Percents
    • Introduction to Algebraic Thinking
    • Statistics and Data Analysis


    Grade 8 Courses   
    Grade 8 Math
    • Representing & Making Sense of Linear Function
    • Irrational Numbers & Pythagorean Theorem 
    • Exponents and Introduction to Exponential Functions
    • Introduction to Quadratic Patterns
    • Comparing Patterns of Change
    • Linear Systems
    • Transformational Geometry
    Most students take Algebra 1 after completion of
    this course.  
  • Math 7

    • 2 Dimensional Geometry 
    • Operations with Positive & Negative Rationals 
    • Proportional Reasoning & Similarity
    • Ratio, Proportion, and Percent 
    • Algebraic Expressions & Equations
    • Measurement in Two and Three Dimensions
    • Describing Variability & Comparing Groups
    • Probability
    Algebra 1AC 
    • Representing & Making Sense of Linear Functions
    • Irrational Numbers & Pythagorean Theorem
    • Exponents and Exponential Functions
    • Quadratic Patterns & Functions
    • Comparing Patterns of Change & Solving Quadratics
    • Linear Systems
    • More Solving Quadratics & Algebra Topics
    • Transformational Geometry
    Upon successful completion of this course, students receive 1.0 credit for High School Algebra 1.  Most students take Geometry AC after completion of this course. Algebra 1AC includes all Michigan Mathematics Curriculum Standards for Grade 8. Students completing this course as a middle school student will need to take 4 credits of math in high school to complete their graduation requirements. 
  • Geometry AC
    • 1A - Constructions and Rigid Transformations
    • 2A - Congruence
    • 3A - Similarity
    • 4A - Right Triangle Trigonometry
    • 5B - Solid Geometry
    • 6B - Coordinate Geometry
    • 7B - Circles
    • 8B - Conditional Probability

    Upon successfully completing this course, students receive 1.0 credits for High School Geometry.  Students take Algebra II or Algebra II AC after completion of this course.  Students completing this course as a middle school student will still need to take 4 credits of math in high school to complete their graduation requirements.  


    A longer course description for middle school math courses can be found at this link.



    The math classrooms in Ann Arbor Public Schools use a variety of Texas Instruments graphing calculators; most are TI-83s and TI-84s.  Students in Math 7 and above have access to a TI84 online graphing calculator on their Chromebooks.  For families interested in purchasing a calculator for home use, we would suggest a similar calculator, a TI-84.


    Math Acceleration at Middle School

    In the traditional middle school, there are two pathways to accelerate in math. 

    • The first pathway offers the opportunity for students who completed Math 7 to enroll in Algebra 1AC in 8th grade based on teacher and parent recommendations and on prior math performance. No testing out exam is required.  
    • The second pathway is by testing out of the current grade level math courses. For example, a student entering 6th grade could test out of Math 6 and enroll in Math 7, then take accelerated Algebra in 7th grade and Geometry AC in 8th grade.  A2Virtual+ Academy also offers online courses for mathematics.

    Information about middle school testing out can be found on this page.