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    Ann Arbor high school students earn four mathematics credits required for graduation by completing a four-year mathematics sequence. The mathematics credits required for graduation are:
    • Algebra I
    • Geometry
    • Algebra II
    • Fourth-year Mathematics course during the senior year
    Course sequences that meet the graduation requirements are shown below including accelerated or advanced options (AC, AB, BC, and AP courses). These courses are guided by the Michigan K-12 Standards for Mathematics and prepare students to be College and Career Ready.  For additional information about course selection and possible mathematics course sequences, see the Ann Arbor Public School Student Services Guide
     Typical Mathematics Course Sequences

    8th Grade

    9th  Grade

    10th Grade

    11th Grade

    12th Grade

    Grade 8 Math

    Algebra 1 


    Intensified Algebra 1


     Algebra 2 

    Explorations in Data Science


    *Mathematics Elective  

     Algebra 1 AC


     Algebra 2

    Explorations in Data Science
    *Mathematics Elective 

     Algebra 1 AC


     Geometry AC

     Algebra 2 AC 

     Precalculus AC

     *Mathematics Elective  
    *Mathematics Electives
    *Career Technical Education (CTE)
    Students may take the following CTE courses for 4th year mathematics graduation requirement.


    Accounting I & II                    0.5 credit each

    Calculus AB, AP

    Auto Services Technology 1 & 2     1.0 credits each

    Calculus BC, AP

    Engineering Design         0.5 credits

    Computer Science Principles

    Home Building                        1.0 credit

    Computer Science A, AP

    Hospitality Today                     1.0 credit

    Computer Science Principles, AP

    Money Management I & II       0.5 credit each 

    Computer Science Mobile App Development

    Personal Finance                     0.5 credits

    Finance & Statistics

    Principles of Engineering     0.5 credit 

    Math Analytical Thinking


    Explorations in Data Science


    Precalculus AP


    Precalculus, AP-Plus




    Statistics, AP



    The math classrooms in Ann Arbor Public Schools use a variety of Texas Instruments graphing calculators; most are TI-83s and TI-84s.  Students in Math 7 and above have access to a TI84 online graphing calculator which should be accessible on all types of devices.  The link for those calculators is here (be sure to be logged into your AAPS email on another tab).  For families interested in purchasing a calculator for home use, we would suggest a similar calculator, a TI-84.


    Online textbook links for HS Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2

    Student editions:

    Family material:

    Anne Marie Nicoll-Turner 
    District Mathematics Department Chair