Locations, Hours, Fees

  • Locations

    The Ann Arbor Public Schools Community Education and Recreation department runs on-site before and after school childcare programs at these 7 Ann Arbor elementary schools:

    • Abbot Elementary
    • Carpenter Elementary
    • Lakewood Elementary
    • Mitchell Elementary
    • Pittsfield Elementary
    • Angell Elementary 
    • Wines Elementary  
    Child care programs at Burns Park and Lawton Elementaries are run by Community Day Care. Child care at King Elementary is run by KingKare.

    Program Hours 

    AM: Before school care opens at 7:15AM and ends at the beginning of the school day. 
    PM: After school care begins at the end of the school day and closes at 6:00PM.
    Parents/guardians may choose an AM only schedule, PM only, or full-time both AM and PM. 

    Fees/Billing for the 2023-2024 school year

    Yearly Registration Fee $15 per session per student (non-refundable)
    Full Day Fee (AM + PM) $690/month for 10 months. August 22nd - June 22nd
    AM only - $276/month for 10 months. August 22nd - June 22nd
    PM only - $414/month for 10 months. August 22nd - June 22nd

    • Fees are due on the 22nd of each month
    • There is an option to set up automatic payment with a credit/debit card
    • Cash or check payment can be made through US mail or dropped off in our exterior drop slot.  Payments must be received by the 22nd of each month

    Assistance for Program Fees

    Programs are available to families needing financial assistance who meet income eligibility requirements:

    • The Michigan Tri-Share Program, coordinated locally by the Child Care Network. More information here.
    • The Childcare Network has a family support program. More information here.
    • The Rec & Ed Scholarship Program offers tens of thousands of dollars of fee waivers to families each year. We offer 25%, 50% and 75% fee waivers to those who apply and qualify. Families may apply for the standard scholarship at any time. This scholarship requires additional documentation. The free & reduced scholarship application for the 2023-2024 school year will become available in mid-August. 


    Contact aapschildcare@aaps.k12.mi.us