Apply to Teach a Class or Workshop

  • Yoga Instructor Are you interested in offering a class or workshop through Rec & Ed?  We welcome ideas from community members who have a passion or skill for a certain topic that may appeal to others.

    1. First, it is a good idea to look through our catalog so you can see the types of classes and workshops/camps Rec & Ed offers.  This will also give you an idea of how to write a class description.
    2. Review our Instructor Handbook for more information about working for Rec & Ed.
    3. Take a look at our timeline for developing classes (below) within the five Lifelong Learning "seasons" which correspond to our catalogs.
    4. Write a proposal with the following elements:
      • Your name, phone numbers and email address
      • Short description of the class or workshop you are proposing
      • What students will learn from the class
      • The amount of interest you believe there would be this topic
      • The approximate length of the class (hours per night and number of sessions)
      • Target audience for class: adults or youth
      • A little about you, including any previous experience teaching, and any related experience or educational background that makes you knowledgeable in the topic area of the class or workshop.
    5. Send your proposal to Jenna Bacolor via email ( or mail to 1515 S. Seventh St., Ann Arbor, MI 48103
    Next Steps
    Your proposal will be reviewed to determine if we think the class will be of interest to our participants. 
    You may then be invited to meet with a Rec & Ed Supervisor to discuss your proposal.  At this meeting curriculum content, dates, class size, payment and class fees will be considered. 

    Rec & Ed offers classes through out the year.  In order to be listed in the catalog for a season, classes are developed at least 3 months before the season begins.  Listed below are the approximate timelines for each season.


    Season/Catalog Deadline for 
    Catalog Deadline      Season Dates
    Fall May 15  July 1 September - December
    Winter   September 15 November 1 January - March
    Spring December 15 February 1   April - June
    Summer Camps October 1 December 1 June - August
    Summer February 15 April 1 June - August