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                                                              Registration Procedures - only online registration available!
    Fall Registration Dates for all leagues
    Registration Opens: Monday, July 8, 2024
    Deadline Friday, July 19, 2024
     First day of play:
    August 19, 2024
    Register online HERE, starting 8:00 AM on Monday, July 8, 2024
    Rosters, team fees and player info must be submitted via email no later than Aug 15, 2024. 

    Fees: Sponsor & Team
    Sponsor Fee (due at registration 7/8-19, 2024)
    Team Fees (due by 8/15/24)
    Non-Resident Fee
    $450 $1,160 $5 per player 
    • Sponsor fees are initial fees paid by all teams at registration to reserve their spot in the league. All teams pay the sponsor fee and the team fee, regardless of whether the team has a sponsor.
    • The non-resident fee applies to all players who reside outside of the boundaries of the AAPS district.
    • Sponsor fees are due at the time of team registration. All Team and non-resident fees must be submitted along with the team roster via email. Payments can be made over the phone.
    • Team roster, player info, and all fees are due by Thursday, August 15, 2024. Anything submitted after this deadline will be assessed a late fee of $2.00 per player.
    • Rec & Ed will accept credit and debit cards from the team sponsor, team manager or a designated team member for sponsor fees, team fees or non resident fees. No personal checks will be accepted for partial payments or late fees.

    Click here to view Rec & Ed's complete refund policy. 

    The season is tentatively scheduled to begin August 19, 2024. All teams play 10 games and the season lasts approximately 5-7 weeks.  Teams play twice a week, and could play doubleheaders on request of the team manager.
    Fall games are played on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays with an occasional Monday. Games during the week start as early as 6:30 PM or as late as 9:00 pm and can last until 11:30 PM. Sunday games are usually between 1:30 - 9:00 PM.

    League Info, Rules & Guidelines 
    • The Rec & Ed Adult Baseball Program will be governed by the current Official Baseball Rules. However, Rec & Ed league rules will supersede the governing rules. League rules can be found HERE.
    • Matching uniform shirts with visible and distinct numbers are highly recommended.
    • The official game ball will be a RAWLINGS R100. Teams must provide two new game balls to the plate umpire before every game. 
    Roster Information
    Players must be of amateur status, and must have been so for a minimum of three years from professional status. There are no restrictions on a player's participation on any teams outside the Rec & Ed program or within other Rec & Ed programs. 
    Score Sheets, Result Sheets and Standings
    The home team must keep the official score. The team listed first on the league schedule is designated as the home team.  The winning team is required to submit the game result sheet by emailing it to the league statistician at the Rec & Ed office immediately after the game. However, in the event your game ends in a tie, the HOME TEAM is responsible for submitting the result sheet. Take a picture of the result sheet and email it to the league statistician at .
    A team award will be presented to the division /league champion.  In leagues with 9 or more teams, the runner up also receives a team award.

    Eliana Brinson, Adult Team Sports Supervisor
    Equipment & League Statistician 
    Rick Mull, Officials' Supervisor