Team Sports for Youth through Adults


    Statement of Inclusion for Rec & Ed Youth Sports 
    Rec & Ed is committed to providing safe and inclusive recreational sports opportunities to all young people, regardless of race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, national origin, ability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Youth may register using a variety of gender terms, including “non-binary,” and are welcome to select whichever sports and leagues they prefer.
    We welcome young people who identify as non-binary or gender fluid to play on Rec & Ed teams! Parents, feel free to contact Seth Dodson ( to ensure we have correct pronouns for your child and to discuss any other ways we can provide children a welcoming environment. 
     Youth Sports Programs 

    Rec & Ed proudly offers the kid-friendliest youth sports program in the Ann Arbor area. Youth in grades Y5 - 8th can choose from a variety of team sports opportunities, including soccer, field hockey, basketball, baseball, softball, coach pitch, volleyball, T-ball, indoor soccer, and flag football. We also offer a winter high school basketball league as well.  The focus is on building skills and enjoyment of the sport while having fun with peers.

    Typically, players register individually and are assigned by public school attendance area or by the school they actually attend, public or private. The teams are formed by grade, not age. See our Youth Sports and Tennis pages for more information. 

    Preschool Sports Programs

    Preschool sports at Rec & Ed center around a philosophy of development and having fun.  Programs are held throughout the year at local schools and parks with multiple options are offered each season so your child can explore their interests and develop new skills.  Check out our current preschool programs.

    Instructional Sports

    Rec & Ed’s instructional sports programs for youth range from after school classes that introduce the sport and build basic skills to advanced workshops and summer camps for seasoned players. The focus is on building agility and strength, skill development, staying active, enjoyment of the sport and having fun. Check out our after school classes  and summer camps.

    Adult Sports Programs

    Adults of all ages and abilities enjoy Rec & Ed sports! Rec & Ed offers five adult sports programs: softball, baseball, basketball, kickball and volleyball. Participants have the opportunity to stay fit, socialize and have a great time using city-owned parks and school facilities for their recreational needs. All leagues are set up by skill level to maintain parity and make for more evenly balanced contests.

Team Sports Contacts