• High School Basketball Winter 2023              

    Register online for either the 9th/10th or 11th/12th grade league today!

    Statement of Inclusion for Rec & Ed Youth Sports 
    Rec & Ed is committed to providing safe and inclusive recreational sports opportunities to all youth, regardless of race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, national origin, ability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Youth may register using a variety of gender terms, including “non-binary,” and are welcome to select whichever sports and leagues they prefer.
    We welcome youth who identify as non-binary or gender fluid to play on Rec & Ed teams! Parents, feel free to contact Seth Dodson (dodsons@a2schools.org) to ensure we have correct pronouns for your child and to discuss any other ways we can provide children a welcoming environment. 
    Registration opens on October 24, 2022 at 8am and closes on  Monday, December 12th at 5pm.

    About the High School Basketball League Program

    Rec & Ed is again offering its ever popular high school basketball program this winter.

    This year Rec & Ed will be forming two leagues for 9th/10th and 11th/12th graders. Spaces are limited.

    All games are played on Sunday afternoons in local middle and high school gyms. 

    The season will begin on Sunday, January 29 and will run six weeks, ending on March 12th. No game on Super Bowl Sunday.

    Every student plays as there are no tryouts or cuts.

    The season is approximately 7 weeks. Each team is given 6 games. 

    Teams can practice once a week beginning the week of January 23rd.

    Rec & Ed will send an email out in December with more information to team managers.

    If you have questions regarding the basketball program, please contact Willie at Rec & Ed, email pickvetw@a2schools.org.

    Registration and Fees (back to top)





    Resident Fee

    Non-Resident Fee


    October 24

    December 12th



    Games (back to top)
    The games are scheduled on Sundays beginning January 29.  Game times will be 12 pm and later.

    Tentatively, games will be played at Forsythe Middle School or Clague Middle School.

    You will receive a schedule of games and locations from your head coach in early January.

    Practice Time Procedures
    -Practice times are available for basketball teams that are participating in the program. 
    -A written request form, along with your league’s choices for practice times, will be enclosed in the coach’s
    packet that will be distributed at a team registration meeting.  
    -Practice time assignment will be done on a first-come, first-served basis.  Before access to gyms is granted,
    Teams must have received written confirmation of their request.  
    -There will be no charge for these practice times.  
    -Practice times may be cancelled due to other school functions or weather.  
    -Because of the limited amount of gym space, these cancelled practice times will not be rescheduled.

    Fee waivers are available to residents of the Ann Arbor school district in need of financial assistance.
    The current approved scholarship must be on file for your child’s registration to be processed.  Please apply
    at least two weeks prior to the registration period to avoid delays like scholarship applications
    take 5 – 7 days to process.  For information click here or contact the Rec & Ed office at 734-994-2300.

    Refund Policy
    For complete information on the Rec & Ed refund policy please visit:

    Player Roster Limit  (back to top)
    Team rosters must consist of no less than five (5) or more than fifteen (15)  players per any point in
    the season.

    Player Eligibility 

    High School Basketball League
    1.  Players must currently be enrolled in the ninth-twelfth grade to participate in the league.
    2.  Members of high school basketball teams cannot participate in the Rec & Ed Program anytime during
    their high school basketball season.

    All teams MUST have a coach/manager who is at least eighteen years of age.  This coach/manager
    will not be allowed to play and must be at all league games and team practices.  Failure to have a
    coach present will result in the forfeiture of the game(s). 
    League Rules/National Federation Rules
    The Community Education and Recreation High School Basketball program will be governed by the
    current National Federation of State High School Association Basketball Rules with the exception of
    cases where the Community Education & Recreation League Rules override state rules. 
    Official Timer/Official Scorer
    Community Education & Recreation will provide a scorer and a timer for each league game.
    Uniforms (back to top)
    Rec & Ed uniform shirts are required and are included in registration.
    Warm-Up Basketballs
    Teams must supply their own basketball for warm-up prior to the game beginning and for half-time.
     use.  Game balls will not be available for use in warm-ups.