• Youth Baseball & Softball
    Summer 2021

     Registration ends on May 17 at 5:00 pm
    We will not be taking any late registrations at this time.
    Registration is Closed!

    About the Youth Baseball and Softball Leagues

    Due to Covid-19 restrictions each league is limited to 140 players. The first 140 players that sign up during the registration period are guaranteed team placement.  Team placement is determined by the Team Sports staff. Our goal is to place students in their school or school area. Students that register for a league that is full will automatically join the waitlist and are not guaranteed team placement. We will not be taking any late registrations this season.

    With Covid-19 restrictions and limited roster spaces, we are not able to honor special requests this season. Our goal is to place students in either their school or school area during team formation. We will be following MDHHS guidelines for mask wearing this summer.

    Kids develop their social and mental skills, physical strength, and character while learning how to play baseball or softball. Teamwork and active participation are key components.


    Every child plays as there are no tryouts or cuts.

    Summer Baseball/Softball is open to boys and girls who are in 1st - 8th grade in the 2020-2021 school year. Please note that current kindergartners can sign-up for our Boys and Girls T-Ball program.

    Coaches Pitch Leagues

    First Grade Coaches Pitch and Second Grade Coaches Pitch

    -Separate boys and girls leagues are offered.

    -Playing rules are designed to allow all enrolled students to play.

    -Emphasis is placed on learning fundamental skills and having fun.

    -The coach pitches to his/her own players with a Reduced Injury Factor (RIF) baseball.

    -First and second grade games will be scheduled on Fridays for both boys and girls leagues.

    -Game times are between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm

    -5 games for 1st and 2nd graders

    -Please note Girls 1/2 will be one league


    Third and 4th Grade Coaches Pitch: A continuation of the Second Grade Program.

    -The playing rules and guidelines are virtually the same as for the Second Grade Program.

    -Boys Coaches Pitch games will be scheduled (depending on the division) on either Monday and Wednesday evenings or Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

    -Girls Coaches Pitch games will be scheduled on Monday/Wednesday.

    -8 games for 3rd Grade

    -Please note Girls 3rd/4th grade will be one league




    Baseball Leagues

    Most participants in the baseball league are boys; however, girls are welcome to participate.

    Fourth Grade Baseball and Fifth Grade Baseball

    -Individual leagues are formed for students currently enrolled in Fourth and Fifth Grades.

    -Emphasis is placed on improving skills and having fun.

    -A Reduced Injury Factor (RIF) baseball is used.

    -Players will begin to pitch to the opposing team, in the fourth grade league.

    -Games will be scheduled (depending on the division) on either Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons or Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

    -Tentatively, each team will play no more than 2-3 games on Saturdays, if necessary, throughout the season.

    -Most games are on weeknights are scheduled at 6:30 p.m.

    Sixth Grade Baseball and Seventh-Eighth Grade Baseball

    -An individual league will be formed for students currently enrolled in Sixth Grade. Seventh and Eighth Graders will be combined into a separate league.

    -Leagues are formed by teams of players generally from the same middle school area.

    -Although the learning of additional skills is encouraged, these leagues are more competitive.

    -Games will be scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings for the Sixth Grade League. Tentatively, each team will play no more than 2-3 games on Saturdays, if necessary, throughout the season.

    -Games will be scheduled on Monday and Wednesday evenings for the Seventh-Eighth Grade League. Saturdays will be used when necessary.

    -Each team will play 8 games.

    Fast Pitch Softball Leagues


    Fifth & Sixth Grade Fast Pitch Softball: (Kid Pitch Begins)

    -The playing rules, nights of play and guidelines are virtually the same as those for the Fourth Grade League.

    -However, players will begin to pitch to the opposing team.

    - Please note we will combine 5th/6th Grade Girls and form one league


    Seventh-Eighth Grade Fast Pitch Softball

    -These leagues are open to students in the specified grades.

    -The leagues will each have one division.

    -Games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

    -Teams will play nine (9) games.

    -Teams are formed by individual registrants who are assigned to teams on the basis of middle school areas.

    -The learning of additional skills is encouraged to augment increasing competition.  

    Practices and Games

    Usually practices are held at one of the Ann Arbor district’s elementary schools or a neighborhood park. Practice locations are selected by the Head Coach.

    Practices, tentatively, begin the week of June 14.  Teams will have one week day practice this week. They will also have the opportunnity for one practice the weekend of June 19/20. Practices will then switch to weekend only for the remainder of the season. We are not able to offer weekday practice due to field availability. Teams must practice on Saturday or Sunday.

    The first games are scheduled to begin Monday, June 21st, and the season will run approximately eight (8) weeks.  League games are played once or twice a week depending on the specific league.


    You can complete registration online here until the end of the registration period.  If you do not have a Rec&Ed account, you will be guided to create your account as part of your registration procedure.


    Please call 734-994-2300 Ext 0 if you are unable to register online.


    Registration - May 3 - May 17 at 5:00pm

    ➢ are automatically assigned to teams

    Team assignments are completed according to a child’s respective school attendance area and the time his or her registration is received. We will not have a late registraiton period.




    1st and 2nd grade  $99 Resident/$109 Non-Resident
    3rd Grade - 8th Grade $119 Resident/$129 Non-Resident

    Registration ends on May 17 at 5:00 pm. We will not be taking any late registrations at this time.

    Participants not residing within the Ann Arbor Public School District are considered non-resident and must pay the respective non-resident fee.



    We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. 



    Fee waivers are available to residents of the Ann Arbor school district in need of financial assistance. For information click here or contact the Rec & Ed office at 734-994-2300.


    Refund Policy

    For complete information on the Rec&Ed refund policy, please click here.


    Team rosters are limited to fourteen (14) players per team season in order to keep numbers smaller.

    Team Formation Players who have not heard from a coach by May 31 should contact Elyse, bairley@a2schools.org

    Participants are assigned to school teams based on their public school attendance areas. Consult our registration timeline and procedures chart for detailed registration placement information.

    If two teams are formed for the same grade from the same school, coaches and Rec & Ed staff will assign players to teams in accordance with departmental guidelines to ensure equally-balanced teams.


    Combo Teams

    In the case of limited space, participants may be assigned to teams with participants from different attendance areas.

    It is not rare for “combo” teams, or teams with participants from two or more different schools to be formed. If your child’s school has filled its primary team roster, a combo team will be formed. Players whose registrations are received during the priority registration period are place on the primary school team first.

    Charter, Parochial, Private, and Out-of-District Public Schools  

    Charter, parochial, private, and out-of-district public school teams can be formed if all grade requirements standards are satisfied and registration deadlines met. Registration must be open for all students that attend these schools.  We require a minimum of nine players be registered for a team to be formed.


    Teams are coached and assisted by volunteers, many of whom are parents. Coaches and team parents are always needed!  If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the volunteer question when registering online or the Adult Volunteer section of the registration form.

    Safety Equipment

    All youth baseball/softball teams will be supplied with batting helmets fitted with face guards. The face guards protect participants from dental, facial and optical injuries. RIF (Reduced Injury Factor) balls, which are also called safety balls, will be used in first through fifth grades. RIF balls transmit much less shock on impact than regular balls. RIF balls are designed to reduce the risk of injury to the chest and vital organs as well as facial and head injuries.


    League Night of Play Listings

    1st-2nd Girls, 1st and 2nd Boys Fridays

    3rd-4th Girls M/W

    3rd Boys M/W or T/TH

    4th Boys M/W or T/TH

    5th-6th Girls M/W

    5th Boys M/W or T/TH

    6th Boys T/TH

    7th-8th Grade Girls T/TH

    7th-8th Boys M/W