• Frequently Asked Questions

    My book needs needs help. What do I do?
    Do NOT try and repair the book!! Bring it to the Book Depository during scheduled hours. If possible we will issue you another textbook.

    I know I returned my textbook/novel but I am get notices saying I owe the book. How is this possible and why?
    This is a very common problem with textbooks/novels and the answer is very simple. You returned a book that was not checked out to you. Each book has a five, six, or ten digit copy number on it. When you check out a book this copy number is directly linked to your student ID number. When you return your books the copy number for each book, you are returning, must match the copy number that was checked out to you. If you return a book that was not checked out to you or you do not receive credit for returning that title.   
    My book wasn't new when it was issued to me. Why do I have to pay full price?
    You will have to pay the replacement cost for the missing/damaged books because that is the cost that the school will have to pay to replace it.

    My student received a notice that his/her obligation has not been cleared, but I have proof that it has. Why is this obligation(s) still showing on my students record?
    There are two reasons this is happening.
    1. The first and most common reason is that the Book Depository was not given/shown the receipt and we have no proof that the book(s) were paid for.
    2. You have a refund! Bring the paperwork you received with you to the main office.