Welcome to Safety Town

  • Safety Town details for 2021 will be posted here - when we know more. Check back later to learn if it's virtual or in person.

    Practice getting on the bus.

    Here's what we did for Safety Town Re-Imagined for 2020

    Your Young 5, Kindergartener or First Grader can become a Super Safety Citizen! Every day, Monday through Friday, brings new adventures where campers learn how to be safe at home, outside and in their community. Dangerous situations can happen anywhere and Safety Town teaches budding Safety Citizens just what to do. When Safety Town 2020 is finished, every camper will be a true Safety Citizen that knows how to safely have fun at home and in the community. Come prepared for the virtual adventure of the summer!

    This summer the curriculum has been completely re-imagined to work as a virtual camp that includes the many core components that children love. We’re using Zoom for a combination of live interactions with a teacher and police officers, and pre-recorded videos from favorite presenters. These include Buster the Bus and Louie the Lightning Bug along with Fire, Car, Bike, Dog, Water, Pedestrian, Tricky Adults and other important Safety topics. Songs, games, stories and projects reinforce the lessons as children learn when to call 911 and their full name, parent’s names, address and phone number.

    A separately scheduled adults-only Zoom webinar with Officer Doug covers what parents need to know about tricky adults and gun safety. Pre-recorded videos will be available to families through a closed group to watch together at any time. Materials for projects, a special-edition t-shirt and a bike helmet are provided at the Safety Town Kick Off Event.

    Safety Town Kick Off Event:

    On the Friday before your child’s Safety Town camp week, there is an in-person special event for your camper and whole family. Previous Safety Town participants are encouraged to wear their Safety Town shirts! We will follow all public health protocols. Location, time and other details to come in an email to registered families. 

    • Materials for projects (sorted by day and with directions!), a special-edition Safety Town t-shirt and a bike helmet will be safely given to you
    • A variety of safety vehicles will be on site
    • Many of our usual presenters will be there too - virtually fist bumping
    • Depending on what is allowed, you may be able to take a picture with one of the vehicles or by the Safety Town sign

    Safety Town Online for 2020 details to register

    Camp meets Monday through Friday for 1.5 hours, 9:30-10:15 BREAK 10:45-11:30. 30 minutes are scheduled in the middle so children have a brain-break to run around, have a snack and come back refreshed and ready to continue their Super Safety Citizen training. Click on the dates to go right to registration

    July 13 - 17          July 20 - 24               Scholarship recipients pay $5. 

    Because the materials, bike helmet and t-shirt are given to every child, there is still a fee for each attending child. Adult assistance is needed to help your child participate. Also, because an adult will be involved, AAPS staff may use their Staff Pass (BOE) to cover the cost. Scholarships are available for those who qualify financially.

    Children in the right age group for summer 2021 are welcome to enroll for a second time in Safety Town.

    • All participants receive a special-edition Safety Town t-shirt and a new bike helmet. Helmets are funded in part by Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society (AABTS)