Welcome to Safety Town



    Welcome to 2023 Safety Town

    Your Young 5, Kindergartener or First Grader can become a Super Safety Citizen! Every day, Monday through Friday, brings new adventures where campers learn how to be safe at home, outside and in their community. Dangerous situations can happen anywhere and Safety Town teaches budding Safety Citizens just what to do.

    When Safety Town 2023 is finished, every camper will be a true Safety Citizen that knows how to safely have fun at home and in the community. Come prepared for the safety adventure of the summer!

    This summer we will offer an in-person experience that is safe, thorough, and fun! We’ll be using a combination of live presentations and pre-recorded videos from favorite presenters.

    2023 Safety Town will be held at:  Dicken Elementary School, 2135 Runnymede Blvd, Ann Arbor 48103

    Please check out our FAQs.

    Register online HERE for Safety Town or fill out our paper 2023 Registration Form.