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    Safety Town Town!

    Safety Town 2018

    For incoming Young 5’s, Kindergarteners and First Graders, Safety Town is one of Rec & Ed’s most popular summer educational programs. Your child learns safety awareness in a fun and engaging way using a child-sized mock Ann Arbor “town” explored on tricycles at Dicken Elementary School. (See the picture above!)

    Safety Town is the perfect camp to help your child learn the difference between safe and unsafe situations. We include bike, car and fire safety, riding a school bus and being a safe pedestrian. We invite many guest presenters too including AAPS's Buster the Talking School Bus! All participants receive a free t-shirt and bike safety helmet.

    Each Safety Town session meets for 3 hours every morning from 8:45am to 11:45am for 1 week. See below for exact dates. We also have extended care for working families that begins at 7:30am and goes to 5:30pm.

    Safety Town is even more fun with fall 2018 classmates! We try to place children with others attending the same school. This gives them a chance to meet other student they'll be seeing in the fall. We make an effort to place students with friends as well so be sure let us know with a special request.

    Once enrolled, please check out the forms to be completed prior to the beginning of your safety Town week. These are found at Safety Town Forms. You may return them as early as you want. Thank you!

    Be sure to send your child with a mid-morning snack of fruits/veggies, a water bottle and a change of clothing, just in case.

    Safety Town Sessions 2018 click on the dates to go right to registration

    Want Full Day Care during your Safety Town week?
    Sign up for Full Day Camp (7:30am - 5:30pm) HERE.