• Cooperative Education (C.O.E)

    This is a work-based learning experience includes structured work experiences that are directly related to the student's educational program. The school and participating business organizations develop training and evaluation plans s the student's course of study and the means to measure his/her progress and success.

    Co-op offers students an opportunity to extend the classroom into a workplace setting. These structured work experiences may be paid or unpaid and they carry 1.0 academic credit for students that are participating and successfully complete the program.

    Co-op placements can be for a semester or over several semesters. This program requires a collaborative effort among the school, the employer, and the student. Therefore a training agreement is required and drawn up between the school and the work site. A students learning plans are designed to correlate coursework with work-based learning. Student progress in this program is supervised and evaluated collaboratively by school and workplace personnel.

    Characteristics of cooperative education include:
    • Demonstrating relevant academic and technical skills
    • Including an opportunity to achieve on-the-job knowledge and skills
    • Provides students with on-the-job training by a competent employee
    • Ensures students are participating in a related academic or technical course
    C.O.E. - student must complete an average of 15 hours per week on the job site. Students must also successfully complete required related course. Credit possible each semester = 1.0.

    We offer:
    • Marketing C.O.E.
    • Business C.O.E.
    • Technical/Industrial C.O.E.
    which includes placement in auto services, culinary arts, drafting, home building, machine tool technology and graphic communications.