• Internships

    Internships are another good way of gaining career experience. Under an internship, the student applies academic and technical skills in a work or simulated work environment.

    Like volunteers, most interns are not paid, but they also gain valuable job skills. Successful interns may be invited back summer after summer while they are in school and may ultimately be offered jobs.

    Characteristics of this program include:
    • Arranging for students to observe work and the workplace
    • Developing needed work competencies
    • Targeting experiences to student's chosen career fields
    • Providing an opportunity for students to learn work terminology, climate, and protocol.
    Students are required to work 5 hours per week. The positions may be paid or unpaid and must be career related. Internships must be approved by a Coordinator in the C.O.E. Office prior to accepting position.

    Students receive 0.5 credit per semester for working.