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    From the Principal’s Desk – Dr. Janet Schwamb

    Huron News for the week of 6/10/18. The last week of the 2017/2018 school year

    I am honored to serve as the principal of Huron High School. Huron’s learning community is comprised of wonderful students, parents/guardians, and exceptional faculty and staff members. This year, it was a privilege to provide leadership for the many outstanding current programs at Huron, as well as to work with students, parents and staff to achieve full authorization for the IB Career Related Programme (CP), which will begin in the fall. For those families who are “graduating” and will not be returning to Huron in September, thank you for sharing your child and allowing us to participate in his/her journey through high school. For those families who are returning, we look forward to working with you and your child again in September. My goal is for every student at Huron High School to have an exceptional high school experience. If I can assist you in any way I hope that you will contact me. Thank you for your support. Have a wonderful summer.  I look forward to an exciting 2018-2019 school year!

    Congratulations to the following Huron staff members who are retiring, Dottie Davis, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Dr. Byron Douglas, Psychologist, Dr. Denise Eaddy-Richardson, Counselor, and Wendy Reinhardt, Counselor. We are grateful for their many years of dedicated service to Huron High School and the Ann Arbor Public Schools. We wish them all the best as they begin their retirement!

    Last Wednesday, June 6th, we honored our graduates at Huron’s 50th Commencement Ceremony. It was a beautiful evening celebrating our graduates.  Graduates, the world is your canvas!  As you begin the next part of your life journey, I send all of my best wishes as you paint your future! On behalf of Huron’s staff members, we will deeply miss you and hope that you will come back often to visit. Congratulations Class of 2018!

    Thank you to the PTSO and all the volunteers who made the all night grad party a safe and fun way for graduates to celebrate. A special thank you to Kimberly Roy who coordinated the all night grad party efforts!

    To our River Rats who will be returning in the fall thank you for all of your efforts this year. You are an amazing group of students and I look forward to seeing you in September. Have a wonderful and safe summer!

    Exam Schedule for Grades 9, 10, 11 week of 6/11/18 - 6/15/18

    Monday, 6/11 – Last full day of classes. Link to the Exam Schedule: https://www.a2schools.org/Page/8830

    Important Information Regarding MYP Assessment Information on End of the Year 9th and 10th Grade Report Cards.

    Now that Huron is an IB World School offering the Middle Years Programme (MYP), additional assessment information is included on the 9th and 10th grade report card.  You will notice this on the backside of your student’s report card.  This new information is a set of criteria that serves as targets to describe what a student will learn and experience when studying in a given subject area.  The table below lists all of the criteria in each MYP subject area.  Parents should refer to the table below to better understand what A, B, C, and D represents on the 9th and 10th grade report card.

    MYP Subject Area

    MYP Criteria





    Language and Literature



    Producing Text

    Using Language

    Language Acquisition

    Comprehending spoken and visual text

    Comprehending written and visual text


    Using Language

    Individuals and Societies

    (Social Studies)

    Knowing and understanding



    Thinking critically


    Knowing and understanding

    Inquiring and designing

    Processing and evaluating

    Reflecting on the impacts of science


    Knowing and understanding

    Investigating patterns


    Applying mathematics in real-world contexts


    Knowing and understanding

    Developing skills

    Thinking Creatively


    Physical and Health education

    Knowing and understanding

    Planning for performance

    Applying and performing

    Reflecting and improving performance


    (CTE & PLTW)

    Inquiring and analyzing

    Developing ideas

    Creating the solution


    MYP Projects

    (Personal Project)



    Taking Action



    Disciplinary grounding

    Synthesizing and applying



    The achievement levels (0-8) that you see on the report card help to quantify the performance of student work for each criterion. Descriptions of achievement levels are summarized below.

    Achievement Level

    Level Descriptor


    Produces high-quality, frequently innovative work. Communicates comprehensive, nuanced understanding of concepts and contexts. Consistently demonstrates sophisticated critical and creative thinking. Frequently transfers knowledge and skills with independence and expertise in a variety of complex classroom and real-world situations


    Produces generally good-quality work. Communicates secure understanding of concepts and contexts. Demonstrates critical and creative thinking, sometimes with sophistication. Uses knowledge and skills in familiar classroom and real-world situations and, with support, some unfamiliar real-world situations.


    Produces work of an acceptable quality. Communicates basic understanding of many concepts and contexts, with occasionally significant misunderstandings or gaps. Begins to demonstrate some basic critical and creative thinking. Is often inflexible in the use of knowledge and skills, requiring support even in familiar classroom situations.


    Produces work of limited quality. Expresses misunderstandings or significant gaps in understanding for many concepts and contexts. Infrequently demonstrates critical or creative thinking. Generally inflexible in the use of knowledge and skills, infrequently applying knowledge and skills.


    No evidence of meeting the standard

    Have a wonderful summer!

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