Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Physical Education/Kinesiology (San Francisco State University) M.S. Kinesiology (SFSU) National University (Teaching Credential) First Aid/CPR

Mr. Jason Willard

I have always loved Physical Education, which is why I became a teacher.  I've been teaching PE since 2005 and here at Steam since 2017.  I also love to waterski, coach lacrosse, throw the football, go kayaking with my wife or mountain biking with my 3 boys.  Anything that involves movement, getting a workout and having fun, you can count on me!  

A2 Schools guiding theme this year is #A2breakthrough.  I love this theme because it encourages us to break through the barriers that keep us from being healthy and learning new skills.  Let's work together this year to help kids break through those barriers ("I don't play soccer. I don't dance. Yoga is not my thing.  I'm not good a throwing.") and add the word "YET".  If we can encourage our children to break through they will open up more opportunities in life and be closer to that goal of Physical Literacy.