Revised December 2008
    1) Invitation and Selection
    The National Honor Society (NHS) recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. The cumulative GPA for invitation to complete a membership survey is 3.5. The cumulative GPA for admission will be considered after the first semester of Sophomore year for Junior membership and after the first semester of Junior year for Senior membership. Cumulative GPA rollover is usually by mid-February, and a list of qualifying sophomores and juniors is generated for invitation.
    Students who choose to apply must complete the membership survey by the given deadline. The survey outlines the requirements and expected documentation. The NHS Faculty Council will score the membership surveys and determine the cut off score for membership.
    2) Induction
    • Applicants shall be notified of their member status at least two weeks prior to the planned date of the Induction Ceremony.
    • There shall be an Induction Ceremony held annually.
    • The Induction Ceremony shall include the initiation of both first and second year NHS members.
    3) Attendance
    • All members are expected to attend a session of all mass meetings.
    • Officers and committee members are expected to attend additional meetings, designated by the group.
    • Absences are either excused or unexcused. The criteria for determining if an absence is excused or unexcused is the same criteria used by the Ann Arbor Public School System.
    • Unexcused absences of any member may result in consideration for dismissal from NHS.
    • The NHS Faculty Council determines dismissal procedures from NHS.
    4) Dues
    • The amount of money each member shall pay will be determined before the first meeting of the school year by the officers and Faculty Sponsor.
    • Dues shall not exceed twenty (20) dollars (currently at $5 for juniors and $15 for seniors).
    • First and second-year NHS members may be required to pay different amounts of dues.
    • If any member believes he or she qualifies for a need-based scholarship, he or she may contact the Faculty Sponsor and be considered for financial aid.
    4) Service Requirements

    All NHS members are required to have at least seven (7) group hours per semester as part of their twenty (20) total hours. Any volunteering activity may be proposed to the officers or the Faculty Sponsor to be considered for qualification for Group Hours. Group Hours can be counted as individual hours, however individual hours cannot be counted as Group Hours. Activities will be evaluated for inclusion based on the following criteria:
    • They are supported by a Huron NHS member.
    • They serve a community need.
    • They are within our resources.
    • They are safe and appropriate for public high school student participation.
    5) Election of Officers
    • Positions for the junior and senior class are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary for each class.
    • Juniors vote for and nominate junior officers. Seniors vote for and nominate senior officers.
    • Candidates for each position shall be nominated, and seconded, by current NHS members at (a) membership meeting(s) in the month prior to the elections.There shall be no limit to the number of nominated candidates running for each officer position. (Win by most votes or required majority with run-off?)
    • Each candidate may make a speech to the NHS body on the day of voting (currently in the spring).
    • Names of NHS candidates will be recorded on official ballot forms. Each NHS member shall have one vote for each position.
    • Each vote shall be turned in to a sealed ballot box and kept in a secure location until counting (or comparable secure procedure).
    • Absentee votes MUST be SUBMITTED within 24 hours of the election. The absent member must have an excused absence from the meeting at which voting took place. (See Attendance). Votes shall be counted by a committee of three (3) student and two (2) staff members.
    • Officer terms are roughly one year.
    6) Dismissal

    Failure to fulfill the requirements of NHS membership may result in dismissal from NHS. The Faculty Council determines policies and procedures for dismissal.

    7) Faculty Council

    Faculty input on NHS is provided by a Faculty Council appointed by the principal. The minimum requirement for the Council is a five-member council with the NHS Faculty Sponsor as a non-voting member.

    8) Process for Changing Bylaws
    • Bylaws are created by the local membership and/or Faculty Council in accordance with the national NHS constitution. Any member may propose to amend the bylaws of the Huron High School chapter of NHS as long as it is in accordance with the constitution of the national organization. Policies on nomination, selection and dismissal are reserved for the Faculty Council.
    • The proposition shall be presented to the NHS officers and Faculty Sponsor before the meeting at which it will be proposed.
    • The proposition shall be presented to the appropriate body (general membership or Faculty Council) and a vote shall be carried out following the standard Election Rules.
    • If a super-majority (2/3) of the NHS body favors the proposition, it shall be put into action. If 2/3 of the NHS body does not favor the proposition, it shall not be put into action.
    • A proposition shall not be proposed or voted on more than twice in one school year.
    • The principal and faculty council may amend the bylaws where they deem it appropriate.