• School Improvement Team

    The purpose of the SIT team is to: 
    - Support the requirements of Education Yes!
    - Facilitate the improvement of Bryant/Pattengill School through the analysis of data; 
    - Implement strategies to support Education Yes! Strand 4; 
    - Fulfill the requirements of Public Act 25 of 1990.

    The School Improvement Team (SIT) is a group comprised of parents, teachers, and the principal, whose primary focus is the social and academic climate of the Paired Schools.  School Improvement Teams are mandated by state low.  The primary objective of the group is to facilitate the development of Bryant/Pattengill’s School Improvement Plan (SIP).  Bryant/Pattengill staff determines the specific strategies used to accomplish the goals. The SIP establishes and evaluates long-range (3-5 years) educational goals and objectives for the schools.  

    The SIT: 
    · Develops Bryant/Pattengill’s strategies to supplement the overall Ann Arbor Public Schools’ District Action Plan.
    · Addresses issues connected to school life.
    · Develops policy on school-related issues.
    · Develops policy in conjunction with staff, students and parents.
    · Advises on the use of site-based funds to address the cognitive and affective needs of all students.

    The Bryant/Pattengill’s School Improvement Team is comprised of parents, teachers and the principal. Parents and teachers serve staggered two-year terms. Membership is determined through a selection process dedicated to reflecting the diversity of the community, with respect to gender, ethnicity, neighborhood and grade level.