Code of Ethics

  • Keeping Youth Sports Kid-Friendly and Fun

    Rec & Ed is very proud to have an amazing team of dedicated volunteer coaches for our youth sports teams. We provide a friendly, noncompetitive, age-appropriate environment. Listed below are the ethics codes by which both coaches and parents abide.

    If you as a parent, spectator or coach witness inappropriate behavior at our practices or games, please let us know about it. It’s our job to address it.

    Concerns  should be sent to Seth Dodson, Team Sports Manager
    email: or phone: 734-994-2300 ext. 53225

    Code of Ethics for Coaches

    As a Rec & Ed youth sports coach, I will:

    • Consider it a honor and a privilege to coach the young people of our community.
    • Keep in mind at all times that I am a youth sports coach and that the recreational experience is for the children not for the adults.
    • Use positive coaching methods to make the experience enjoyable for my players, increase their self-esteem and foster in them a true sense of enjoyment of the sport in which they are engaged.
    • Treat officials with respect and dignity, and instruct my players and their parents to do the same.
    • Treat opposing coaches and opposing players with respect and dignity and encourage my players and my players’ parents to do the same.
    • Model grace, dignity and composure regardless of the outcome of the game.
    • Observe all player participation rules and strive to make each player feel as if he/she is a valuable member of the team regardless of any physical or developmental limitations he/she may have.
    • Teach the principles of fair play and sportsmanship to my players and model these principles for them at all times.
    • Strive to learn the rules of the game and teach those rules to my players and their parents as best I can.
    • Encourage safe play at all times and report any unsafe playing conditions to the Supervisor of Youth Sports as soon as I am able.
    • Refrain from all manner of personal abuse and harassment of others, whether verbal, physical, emotional or sexual.
    • Refrain from using any illegal substances or tobacco products, or imbibing alcohol in the presence of my players or on school or park property.
    • Report any conduct that violates this code or adversely affects the positive, kid-friendly environment of the Rec & Ed Youth Sports Program.
    • Agree to abide by and follow the Rec & Ed Coaches’ Code of Ethics.

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    Code of Ethics for Parents

    I promise to support the goals of the Rec & Ed Youth Team Sports Program, which include teaching youth to work together cooperatively and develop self-esteem and sports skills through game play, and, above all, to have fun. Furthermore, I understand that, as a spectator, if my conduct or language is deemed to be unsportsmanlike by the Recreation Department, I may be asked to leave the playing area in which my son’s or daughter’s games are being held.

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