Leaves of Absence

  • All leaves of absence, whether paid or unpaid, must be requested in writing and responded to in writing. It is the obligation of the employee to keep Human Resource Services apprised of contact information (address and phone number) while the employee is on an unpaid leave. Failure to report back to work on the first day after expiration of the leave of absence will be considered a voluntary termination of employment.

Workers' Compensation

  • Employees must obtain an Authority for Treatment form, signed by a supervisor, before going for medical treatment. It is mandatory that all injured employees needing treatment go to the District's Workers' Compensation Medical Provider, Michigan Urgent Care.  An injury must be reported to HR within three days after the incident has occurred. An injury report form needs to be provided to HR following an injury regardless of whether or not treatment was sought.  Forms can be found on the "Forms for Staff" link on the left of this page.  See Employee Handbook for specifics regarding the State of Michigan Workers' Compensation Act procedures.