Our K-12 goal is to prepare students to become competent and productive members of society.  The Ann Arbor Public Schools curriculum prepares students to participate in political activities, to serve their communities, and to regulate themselves responsibly.  Teachers strive to ensure that all students graduate with the historical knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary for them to continue to be the stewards of democracy as they enter the larger global community. Thomas Jefferson said, “Whenever people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government” (Letter to Richard Price, Jan. 1789). We hold this statement to be as true today as it was then. 
    The main goal of social studies instruction is to engage students in classroom learning to prepare them as citizens who know how, when, and where to make informed and reasoned decisions.  Development of responsible citizenship is fostered by focusing on:   
    • Core Disciplinary Knowledge
    • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Democratic Values
    • Citizen Participation

    The State of Michigan identifies characteristics of college and career readiness in Social Studies as students who are capable of: using technology and tools for a variety of purposes, presenting an argument or reasoned position, communicating and collaborating effectively, and using problem solving skills appropriately.