• Principals

    Paul K. Meyers (1969-1979) graduated from Harvard University and the University of Michigan before becoming a chemistry teacher in the Ann Arbor Public Schools in 1949. During the 1967-68 school year, he involved himself in the planning of Huron High School and became its first principal in 1968. He served as principal for 11 years before resigning for medical reasons in 1979.

    Ronald Tesch (1979-1986) attended Northern Illinois University and the University of Illinois before coming to Ann Arbor. In his first year as principal, he stated that his goal was to revive and enhance the cooperation and communication between the school faculty and student body. He enjoyed the Huron atmosphere and said, "We have opportunities here at Huron that almost no other high school in Michigan has." He left Huron in 1986.

    Al Gallup (1986-1987) Interim Principal

    Dr. Joetta Mial (1987-1993) became the principal of Huron High School in 1987 after serving as an administrator, counselor, and class principal for several years. She helped create the "Senior Lounge", which is no longer present, among other things for her 1982 class. She retired with the Class of 1993.

    Jane Johnson (1993-1994) Interim Principal
    Dr. Arthur Williams (1994-2014) has been the principal of Huron since 1994. He was a strong advocate for reforms, such as block scheduling and the formation of new clubs which show the diversity at Huron, in the school to create a new and more contemporary learning atmosphere. He retired with the Class of 2014.
    Jennifer Hein (2014-2015)
    Dr. Janet Schwamb (2015-2021)
    Ché Carter (2021-Present)