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    2023 Sand Volleyball
    Sand Volleyball


    LEAGUES OFFERED (return to top)
    League   Day
    Corec Recreation (C) Quads (pick your best night) Either Sundays or Wednesdays

    Corec Intermediate (B) Quads (pick your best night)

    Either Sundays, Mondays, or Wednesdays
    *Open Power (A) Quads (any gender, Corec net height) Wednesdays
    Corec A / Power Doubles Mondays
    Corec B / Intermediate Doubles Mondays
    Women's Power (A) Quads Tuesdays
    Women's Intermediate (B) Quads Tuesdays
    Women's A Doubles, Women's B Doubles Thursdays
    Men's A Doubles, Men's B Doubles Tuesdays
    Men's Intermediate (B) Quads Thursdays
    "U22" Girls' Doubles (HS varsity - college age) Fridays
    JV Corec Triples (grades 8-10) Fridays
    *Open power quads is for Advanced quad teams with any gender configuration: 4 guys is fine. 2 guys & 2 gals is fine. 4 gals is fine. All games played on the Corec / Men's net height.
    LEAGUES & FEES (return to top)

      League Entry /  Sponsor Fee*    Team Fee   Non-Resident Fee**
               (due upon registration)  (due by 5/18/23)    
    All Quad leagues $80 $115 $3.00
    All Doubles Leagues
    $35 $58 $3.00
    +Girls' 22 & Under Doubles $35 $58 $3.00
    +JV Corec Triples $35 $70 $3.00

    *The league entry / sponsor fee is not a deposit. It is the initial fee paid by all teams at registration to reserve their spot in the league. All teams pay both the sponsor / registration fee plus the team fee, regardless of whether or not the team is sponsored.

    +"22 & Under Doubles" is designed for Varsity High School and College-aged girls who may be experienced indoor players but are not experienced at playing sand doubles.  Corec "JV Triples" division for 8th -10th graders, both boys and girls. 
    +NOTE: there is no "individual player" fee for any sand league! If you sign up online or send in the registration fee for Girl's 22 & under or JV Corec triples, you are signing up a WHOLE TEAM. Here is how it works: One person (manager) signs up the team, and then recruits the teammates they would like to play with. ONLY the manager makes payments to Rec & Ed and submits the roster. Players on the team give their portion of the team fee to the manager. Contact Karen at Draves@a2schools.org for additional clarification if needed.

    **The non-resident fee applies to all players and substitutes who reside outside the boundaries of the Ann Arbor Public School District.
    FEE DEADLINES (return to top)
    Sponsor fees are due during team registration, April 17-28, 2023.
    The final deadline for registered captains to turn in team roster, team fees, and non-resident fees is Thursday, May 18, 2023. Anything submitted after this date will be charged a $2 per player late fee. Click HERE for a team roster. 

     Rec & Ed accepts credit cards (Visa, American Express, and Mastercard only), money orders, certified, corporate checks, or a single check made out to AAPS from the team sponsor, captain, or a designated team member for sponsor and team fees.  Corporate credit cards are accepted only with prior approval from the Finance Department.  No personal checks will be accepted for partial payments, late or non-resident fees.  All checks are payable to Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS). Special arrangements will need to be made in order to drop off a check since the office is not open to the public.
     SEASON LENGTH & START DATE (return to top)
     All teams play 7 matches. 
    • The season is scheduled to start on TUESDAY, MAY 30, 2023.

      *$2.00 fee per player will be assessed after May 18, 2023 for any player transfers or adds.

    GAME LOCATIONS AND TIMES (return to top)
    All games are played on the sand courts at Slauson Middle School and Wines Elementary School.  Start times for all weekday games will be 6:10, 7:10 and 8:10. Note: 5:10 matches could be scheduled for the Friday and Sunday leagues if the league is large.
    The season is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, May 30, 2023.  Match time limit is 55 minutes in all leagues. Each team is given 5 minutes ON COURT warm up prior to the start of their match, with the surrounding grassy areas used for off-court warm-up. Time constraints and darkness may warrant the cancellation of on-court warm-up by the site supervisor. Grassy areas are always available for teams to warm up. 
    REGISTRATION PROCEDURE (return to top)

    STEP 1:  Click here to register online for a league. 

    Note: If you prefer to pay over the phone (734-994-2300 x 0 between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday) download a hard copy of the Team Registration Form  

    Team registration is ONLINE OR BY PHONE ONLY on the dates listed below.

    League Pre-Registration Open Registration Deadline (all leagues)
    All Leagues Monday, April 17, 2023 Tuesday, April 18, 2023 Friday, April 28, 2023

    Pre-registration is open to all returning Rec & Ed volleyball teams that played in a league last summer.  A team must meet one of the following criteria in order to be considered a returning team:

    (1)  Have a returning sponsor
    (2)  Have a returning captain
    (3)  Have two returning players with signatures.
    Open registration is for all new teams or returning teams that did not participate in the sand league last summer.  If your team played last summer, click HERE to see what league your team should sign up for this year.
    *All team registrations are due by 5:00 Friday, April 28, 2023.  Teams registering after this date can be added until May 1 ONLY IF THERE IS AN OPENING IN THEIR LEAGUE.  Some leagues will fill before the deadline. All registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. 
    Captains do not need to know WHO all their players are before they register a team. To ensure getting a spot in the league, captains are encouraged to register promptly during the first few days of open registration, then finish confirming their players. Team rosters are not due until the week prior to the start of play.
    ONLINE REGISTRATION IS AVAILABLE for Sponsor / initial registration only.
    NOTE:  Online registration is for initial / sponsor registration only, which reserves your team’s spot in the league.  Captains will still need to email their team roster and all fees to the league director by the roster deadline (usually the Thursday before the first day of play).
    Returning captains will receive a code to use to pre-register online.  Only returning captains can register online during the one day pre-registration period. Anyone can register starting the 2nd day. 
    Step 2:  Registered captains submit their team roster with all player info, Team and non -resident fees by 5 pm on Thursday, May 18, 2023.

    All forms are available on the Forms & Rules section of this website

    FREE AGENTS (return to top)
    Players who do not have their own team should contact Karen Draves, Volleyball Supervisor at draves@a2schools.org for assistance in joining a team.  A "Free Agent" team may be formed if there is room in the league.
    SUB POOL (return to top)
    Players who would like to be substitutes in the sand volleyball league may sign up to be in the "Sub Pool". Sub Pool player contracts CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE  and also on the Forms page. Substitutes must designate themselves as either "A" or "B/C" level players and may sub at their designated level in leagues where they are not already on a team's roster.  If you have questions about the Sub Pool, contact Karen Draves at draves@a2schools.org.
    Sub Pool Fee: $10 per player
    • All matches consist of  three 21-point  rally-scored games with a cap of 23.
    • All matches are self-officiated.
    • Team classifications for returning sand volleyball teams are available from the volleyball supervisor: 734-994-2300 x 53254 or draves@a2schools.org. Teams wishing to register for a league other than that which they are classified must fill out an appeal form, which is found on the "forms" page of the volleyball website. League classification appeals must be completed and submitted to the Volleyball Supervisor at the Rec & Ed Office by 5:00 pm the Friday before team registration begins.

    Classification Comparisons
    Sand Volleyball
    Indoor Volleyball Classification  Indoor Volleyball Classification Indoor Volleyball Classification 
    A - Power / Advanced Open & AA leagues Open,  Major, some AA Open & AA leagues
    B - Intermediate A and B leagues AA, and A leagues A & B leagues
    C - Recreation Level / 
    Minimal Sand experience
    B league B League C and Instructional
    STANDINGS AND STATISTICS (return to top)
    • Weekly standings are emailed to captains weekly in a pdf document. 
    • They are also available on the website HERE. 
    • They are also emailed weekly to team captains.  
    • To verify standings, call the statistician at the Rec & Ed office at 994-2300 ext.53218.
    PLAYER ELIGIBILITY (return to top)

    • Players may participate on only one team in each program. For example, a woman may play on one Women's Doubles team and one Women's Quads team, but not on two Women's doubles teams.  
    • Men may not play in the women's program but women may play in the men's program.  
    • Players in the adult league must be at least 16 years old, unless specific permission is requested by the parent and an exception is granted by the Team Sports Manager.  
    • Players as young as 12 may register for the "JV Triples" league.

    • Quads: A minimum of 4 players and a  maximum of 12 players
    • Doubles: A minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 8 players. 

    • Uniforms are not required for participation in the Rec & Ed league.
    • Individual awards will be given to the champion of each division, league, and playoff.  
    • Single division leagues with 9 or more teams receive runner-up individual awards.
    SAND VOLLEYBALL STAFF (return to top)
    Karen Draves              
    Adult Team Sport Supervisor  
    (734) 994-2300 x 53254
    Seth Dodson          
    Team Sports Manager    
    (734) 994-2300 x 53225
    Supervisor for Equipment /League Statistician
    (734) 994-2300 x 53218
    Rick Mull
    Supervisor for Officials  
    (734) 994-2300 x 53209