• Welcome

    Welcome to Skyline High School's social studies department website.  On this page you will find information about our current course offerings, educational philosophy, and links to essential resources.  Individual teacher websites offer additional resources to support student learning and growth.

    Our Courses

    The following courses satisfy student graduation requirements.  Click the links below to see a course description and view the syllabus.

    • World History
    • US History
    • AP US History
    • Government
    • AP Government
    • Economics
    • AP Micro Economics
    • AP Macro Economics

    The following courses are available social studies electives

    • AC African American Humanities
    • AC World Humanities
    • AC Law
    • AP Psychology
    • Current History
    • History of Rock and Roll
    • Law
    • Modern Global Relations
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • World History Through Film



  • Our Philosophy

    Project Based Learning

    Project Based Learning challenges students to investigate and respond to complex questions, problems or challenges.  Philosopher John Dewey wrote in Education and Democracy, “Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.”  We believe this is valuable in the classroom because it challenges students to refine their logic and rhetoric or draw conclusions about ethics and aesthetics.  This process contributes to the development of a civic minded thinker who feels empowered in the community.  

    Quadrant D Learning

    Quadrant D learning suggests that students are most engaged when lessons combine rigor and relevance.  Philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote in Emile: or on Education, "Although memory and reason are wholly different faculties, the one does not really develop apart from the other.”  We believe it is the responsibility and challenge of every social studies teacher to convey the relevance of historical content.  The cyclical themes of political power, diplomatic relations, economic policy, social justice, environmental interactions, and cultural expression connect the events of the past to our world today.  We believe the purpose of education is to make students better people with a sense of responsibility and purpose; by analyzing and evaluating the events of the past, we can better determine the direction our future can and should take.  

    Mastery Learning

    Mastery learning is a method of teaching and learning that assures each student become proficient in a level of predetermined content and skills on a unit of instruction.  We believe each student is unique with different interests and talents.  While content standards demand equal outcomes, the path to achievement may look different for each student.  In a mastery learning setting, students are given specific feedback about their learning progress, as well as learning support as needed, at regular intervals throughout the instructional period.  Michigan’s High School Content Expectations guide the planning of the instructional and assessment standards for all Social Studies courses at Skyline High School. The goal in each of these courses is for all students to achieve mastery of these State standards.