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    The Skyline World Language Department prepares students to engage in a global society that is more interconnected than ever before. Through interactive, collaborative, and performance-based activities we help students meet the emerging need in today’s world for people who are proficient not only in specific language skills (such as speaking or writing in a foreign language), but also in the ability to communicate and function within an authentic cultural setting.
    Students can learn to master these skills in five languages offered at Skyline: American Sign Language, French, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.  In the lower-level courses (levels one and two) students work on building the foundation of their language skills by mastering a repertoire of vocabulary and grammar and then applying these concepts in meaningful contexts through listening, speaking, reading, and writing practice.  When students advance to the upper-level coursework (levels three through AP), they continue to work on these skills and also work collaboratively in more complex individual and group performance tasks to emulate real-world language scenarios that prepare them to be able to use their language in meaningful ways once they leave the classroom.