Safety Town Weekly Schedule

     For VERY detailed information about the daily schedule and what is covered, please click Detailed Daily Schedule
    Mondays - Car/Booster Seat Safety & Louie the Lightning Bug 
    Tuesdays - Bus & Police Safety
    Wednesdays - Bicycle & Fire Safety
    Thursdays - Home, Ambulance & Tricky Adults
    Fridays  - Dog & Water Safety
               * 11:10 Gun Safety & Tricky Adult Info for Parents
               * 11:30 Classroom presentation of what we've learned for parents.
The Town

Camp Schedule

  • 7:30a - 8:30a           Arrival & Choice Time
    8:30a - 8:40a         Prepare for Safety Town & Classroom Dropoff
    8:45a - 11:45a       Safety Town in Classroom
    11:45a - 2:00p       Lunchtime, Choice Time, Bathroom, Outside 
    2:00p - 3:45p         Bathroom, Story Time, Rest, Snack, Music & Movement
    3:45p - 5:30p         Planned Crafts/Activities, Outside and/or Gym
    Every day there are different planned activities for the afternoon. We're putting together a way for you to know more about the fun your child is having.