Safety Town Handbook and Forms

  •  2 ways to register:
    Online here or using our 2-page paper 2020 Registration Form
    If you want your child to be in the same class with another child, list the child's name under special requests when registering online. You may also email Be sure to have the other family request your child too. Without a special request from you, we create class lists by neighborhood school. The class lists are completed 1 week ahead and emailed by the Thursday or Friday before your child's session. Check your spam or another household member's email.
    If we have already made the room assignments, we cannot guarantee a last minute room or friend request. Please make sure to communicate with us MORE than 1 week in advance. Thank you.
    When you complete your registration, we have all the permissions and emergency information we need.
    If your child has special needs (serious allergies or extra supports needed) there are MORE forms. Otherwise you're all set!
    Please fill out and return these forms at least one week prior to the first day of Safety Town.
    Special Needs Planning for Safety Town  Please fill out if you think your child might need a little help being in school independently. This form is sent to us electronically to make it easier for everyone! (Not needed for every child) Thank you
    Medical Authorization Form - This form authorizes a Rec & Ed staff person to administer medicine. The doctor's signature (and yours) must be on this form for us to administer medicine to your child. Please give us this form along with your medicine when you arrive at Safety Town.
    Emergency Action Planning Form - If your child has a serious allergy, we appreciate knowing the exact steps to take in an emergency.
     Camp (Full Day) Families:
    Getting to Know Your Child Camp Questionnaire.  Required (and very helpful) for all children attending full day camp. This is an electronic form.
    Return all forms at least 1 week prior to your start date.
    Send forms to:
     Via US Mail:  Ann Arbor Preschool, 2775 Boardwalk, Ann Arbor, MI  48104, ATTN: Safety Town Program 
     Via email at
    Lastly, we have a Parent Handbook available for you filled with helpful information and details of all policies that apply to summer camps with Rec & Ed. Here is your copy Parent Summer Camps Handbook.
    Please call Rec & Ed (734-994-2300 x0) if you have any questions.