AAPS Volunteers
  • AAPS Strategic Partnership Volunteers 

    Do you have experience teaching, tutoring, mentoring or with English Language learners? 

    AAPS is currently looking for volunteers with these skills to potentially volunteer virtually with AAPS students during the 2020-2021 School Year.

    Since AAPS is starting off the year in a virtual setting, all opportunities will be virtual only.

    Our current priority is volunteer opportunities that support students academic learning. 

    We are still determining interest and capacity for volunteers and cannot guarentee a placement.  We will begin the placement process in late September/Early October.

    Interested in Volunteering?

    Complete the 2020-21 Volunteer Interest form.

    Please note:

    • Any U-M Affiliated individual or group or any organization interested in frequent virtual engagement with AAPS will also be asked to complete a virtual Volunteer checklist before volunteering.
    • We will not start the volunteer placement process until September or October.
    • All Volunteers must clear a background check.
    • Completing the Volunteer Interest Form does not guarentee you will be able to volunteer at AAPS.

    Who can be a Volunteer?
    Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and include retired teachers, college students, employees from local businesses, and much more. 
    What is the time commitment?
    We are currently looking for volunteers that can commit to at least 3 months of volunteering.

    Ways volunteers can help

    AAPS Volunteer Guide
    2020-2021 Volunteer Guide Coming Soon


    Other Important Things to Know about Volunteering at AAPS
    Frequent volunteers must undergo a background check and orientation prior to volunteering.
    We will place frequent volunteers in September/October and in January/February.  

    We cannot guarentee you will be asked to volunteer at a school after you complete this process.  

    Are you an employer/business that wants to get involved with AAPS? Learn more about our Strategic Partnership Program. 

    Questions? Contact Nancy Shore, Strategic Partnership and Volunteer Coordinator: partners@a2schools.org