• AAPS Strategic Partnership Volunteers 

    • Are you interested in working with kids?
    • Do you have experience or an interest in teaching, tutoring, mentoring or working with English Language learners? 
    • Are you thinking about becoming a teacher or working in K-12 Education?
    • Want to volunteer at a school where you can make the most impact?

    Become an AAPS Strategic Partnership Volunteer!

    Volunteer as a Strategic Partnership Volunteer: Here's How

    **If you only want to volunteer at a specific school or in a specific classroom, please contact that school directly. You do not need to complete the steps below**

    1. Review Existing Volunteer Opportunities
      1. Check out our Current Volunteer Opportunities Page.
    2. Review Volunteer Requirements
      1. Before volunteering, all frequent volunteers (volunteering on a weekly or biweekly basis) must clear an ICHAT background check, and participate in a required AAPS Volunteer Orientation.
      2. You will be able to complete both of these steps during the onboarding process.
    3. Complete the AAPS Volunteer Interest Form
      1. If you are interested in one of the available volunteer opportunities, complete the AAPS Volunteer Interest Form.
      2. The AAPS Strategic Partnership Office uses Better Impact (a Volunteer Management System) to manage opportunities.
    4. Review the Volunteer Placement Process
      1. Once you complete the AAPS Volunteer Interest form, we will review the information and process your background check
      2. At this time, you can also complete the required orientation in Better Impact.
      3. Once your background check has been cleared and you have completed the required orientation, you will be able to see available opportunities.
      4. Review the opportunities and sign up for the one that most matches your interests.
      5. Once you sign up for an activity, the AAPS Strategic Partnerships Office will confirm the placement by connecting you with your AAPS Contact.
      6. It is your responsibility to reach out to the contact to confirm your volunteer schedule and discuss any next steps.
      7. We highly encourage volunteers to conduct an initial meeting with your AAPS contact once placed and complete the Volunteer/Educator Agreement to learn more about the specifics of your volunteer role.
      8. Volunteers are typically placed from September-November and then again from January-February.
      9. It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to be placed at a school. 
    5. Check out our Volunteer Resources
      1. AAPS Strategic Partnership Volunteers Resources Page

    Are you a parent of a student or someone who just wants to visit or volunteer at a specific school? Read this!
    If you are a parent, family member, college student or community member that only wants to visit or volunteer at a specific school, please contact the school directly.

    If you need information on the Ichat Criminal background check form, please go here.

    The Ichat form should be returned to the school you want to volunteer at.

    Looking for an after-school opportunity? Check out these Additional Volunteer Opportunities From Our Strategic Partners

    Questions? Contact Jenn Myers, Community Division Office Professional: partners@a2schools.org