Small Learning Communities

    • Four Smaller Learning Communities (SLC) act as home base for students for four years, grades 9 through 12.
    • Administrators, Counselors, teachers, and support personnel are attached to each learning community.
    • SLC structures promotes common planning and teacher interaction.
    • SLC structures/programs positive relationships between adults and students

    3rd & 4th Academic Floors

    Skyline SLC map
    NOTE: Both the 3rd and 4th floor layouts are identical, with two Smaller Learning Communities on each floor.

    Why SLCs?

    Research has shown that students thrive in learning environments where they feel a connection with their peers and teachers.  These connections are fostered in school environments where there are simply more opportunities to learn and work together.  Skyline High School will combine the facility and program advantages of a traditional comprehensive high school with the personalized learning environment found in smaller schools by creating four smaller learning communities in the building. 

    What Do SLCs Look Like?

    Each of the four smaller learning communities have a home space in one of the academic wings of the building.  Each learning community is home to four hundred freshman to senior students.  Students are assigned to a learning community when they enroll and remain part of that learning community throughout their academic career.  Learning communities have core faculty representing the core areas. Both students and faculty move outside a learning community to take courses including core academics, electives, and other specialty courses.

    Teachers, counselors, administrators and support personnel are “attached” to each small learning community and follow students through their entire high school experience. The formation of Small Learning Communities provides a strong first step in promoting positive relationships between adults and students as well as more opportunity for educational opportunities that foster complex higher level thinking skills.