Records & Transcripts

  • Requesting Student Records/Transcripts

    Please order your transcript at 

    Typically the entire student record follows a student through to the school from which he/she graduates or to the last school attended if graduation was not achieved. To request your student records, you will need to provide the proper office with your full name (at the time of graduation or enrollment in school), school of graduation and your year of graduation:

    Did you graduate from an AAPS high school? If so, contact the school you graduated from:
    • Community High School - (734) 994-2021
    • Huron High School - (734) 994-2047
    • Pioneer or Ann Arbor High School - (734) 994-2133
    • Pathways to Success, Stone High School, Roberto Clemente or Project Education - (734) 971-1237
    • Skyline High School - (734) 994-6515
    Did you receive a GED?  AAPS does not have GED records as we are not the issuing institution. You can reqeust GED records at
    If you moved away or did not graduate:
    1. If you did not graduate due to dropping out of school between grades 9-12, contact the last high school you attended from the list of schools above.
    2. If you did not graduate due to moving to another district, state, etc., your record would have followed you to your new school. You would need to contact that school to get any records.
    3. If you are requesting K-8 records, your records should have followed you to your new school unless you moved to a foreign country, in which case AAPS Child Accounting should have the records. Contact the student accounting office at

    There is a cost for an official transcript, and you will need to get the amount from the individual school. All requests must be made in writing or in person by the former student if he/she is over the age of 18.