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    We are happy to announce that during the 2014-­15 school year, the technology department will launch Google Apps for Education (GAFE) for all students in Ann Arbor Public Schools!

    What does Google provide?

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    This initative will give students access to Google Docs (word processor, spreadsheet, surveys, presentation software), a Gmail account, Calendar, Wiki, website authoring tools and more. This will allow your child to safely sign up for accounts online, collaborate with teachers and other students. These accounts will be used for school ­related projects and abide by the Technology Acceptable Use policy in the Code of Conduct.

    Much like the Acceptable Use policy, every student must agree to the Student Email Guidelines and sign the Google Permission form while they are utilizing Google Apps for Education in AAPS. This file will be kept at the building and logged into PowerSchool.

    Have more questions about Google Apps for Education in Ann Arbor Public Schools?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)

    We are happy to announce that Skyline is a pilot school for AAPS's Bring Your Own Technology initiative. Ann Arbor Public Schools has lifted the restriction of personal devices in the Northwest Corridor to support our Personalized Learning Initiative. This includes the following educational locations:

    • Haisley Elementary
    • Wines Elementary
    • Forsythe Middle School
    • Skyline High

    On the first day of school, and every day
thereafter, every student will be allowed to bring a device to school to support his/her learning. Use of devices will be at the discretion of the classroom teacher as appropriate for learning.

    What is the primary goal of this initiative?

    This initiative is focused on improving and enhancing student personalized learning through the implementation of digital devices and resources to engage students in critically analyzing information, creating new knowledge, communicating what they have learned, and choosing tools that are appropriate for a particular task.

    Before you bring a personal device to school as a part of our BYOT initiative you must first register your device and agree to the AAPS policy.

    The below Stoplight of BYOT will be placed prominently in each class so every student and visitor will know if it is appropriate to use your own device for the lesson.

    Stop Light

    Want to learn more?  Check out our BYOT Freqently Asked Questions Page!

    Learn more at the AAPS District Technology page!