School Menu Information

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    Parent Communication.
    To transfer balances between siblings please call the Food Service Office at 734-994-2265
    If you would like a refund for your childs meal account please email Wendy Brush at with the following information:
                                                                                            Name of the student(s)
                                                                                            School(s) they attend or attended
                                                                                            Reason for the refund
                                                                                            Name of who to make the check out to
                                                                                            Address where to send the check
                                                                                   Checks can take up to 3 weeks to be received.

                      Dominos Pizza is Served!!  
    See below which day your school is serving Dominos!
    Monday: Ann Arbor Open, Abbot, Dicken, Eberwhite, Logan  
    Tuesday: Allen, Angell, Bach, Haisley, King, Mitchell, Pittsfield, Community, Pathways
    Wednesday: Bryant, Carpenter, Lakewood, Lawton, Northside 
    Thursday: Burns Park, Pattengill, Thurston, Wines
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MyPaymentsPlus Information

  • My Payments Plus Logo MyPaymentsPlus provides an easy to use, efficient way to make payments quickly and securely anytime using a simple internet connection. MyPaymentsPlus offers the following benefits:

    • Make payments to your student's meal accounts
    • View account balances, payments, and account activity at no cost
    • Set up free reminders to let you know when your student's balance is low
    • Create settings to automatically replenish your student's account
    New to MyPaymentsPlus?
    Visit  to register.
    You'll need your student's 6 digit student ID number to register -- please contact your child's school if you need that information.