STEAM Framework & Project Lead The Way


    STEAM Foundational Skills

    In developing our AAPS STEAM implementation, we know that all of our students will be better prepared for the world they will face as we continue work along these three pathways: Engage. Connect. Transform. In AAPS, all our students will regularly experience STEAM learning as an added dimension of a quality learning environment. They will develop the skills and ‘habits of mind’ to explore and connect across content areas, dive in to focused STEAM learning as a part of their day, week, year, and can choose opportunities to immerse themselves in one of our special programs designed to facilitate a STEAM transformation.

    More about AAPS STEAM Initiatives


    PLTW Launch K-5
    PLTW Gateway 6-8
    PLTW Engineering 9-12
    PLTW Bio-Medical Engineering 9-12