I am glad that you are taking time to see what online learning can do.  Take a few moments to look through our webpage and discover all the options we provide students in grade 5 through 12.  Our main emphasis is to deliver the best online content supported by the best teachers in Ann Arbor for the purpose of providing options for students to learn at their own pace within each defined term.  At A2 Virtual+ our classes are web-based and therefore open to the student 24/7.  Students can set their own schedule weekly schedule and learn at a time that is optimum for them each week.  We have over 300 offerings allowing students to schedule the class that they want rather than being assigned a class that fits the schedule.  A2 Virtual offers classes at the foundational level and courses at the Advanced Placement level, as well as everything in between.   Students in grade 5 can make an application at the end of their fourth grade year to accelerate with math competency-based mastery learning online, rather than take the traditional fifth grade class in that content.

    I believe that every child should take at least one online class before s/he leaves high school.  With this being said, not every child is ready to tackle an online class at the same time.  If you want to know if your child is ready for online learning you should complete our interactive online readiness rubric found under the new student tab.

    At A2 Virtual+ we are proud of our success rate for students, which is above the state average.  We believe that the support we provide students as well as our teacher initiated instruction and constant communication; personalizes learning beyond what can be accomplished in the traditional classroom.  Our instructors meet with students weekly at their assigned high school building.  We impose high expectations on all our students.  Students must attend a mandatory orientation each term.  Additionally they are required to have two tests proctored for each online course.   We believe all our students can be successful doing their work online and we work hard at instilling in students a positive attitude of independence.  But of course none of this can be done without the parents who come to A2 Virtual+ and partner with us for achievement.

    Welcome to an exciting learning experience that puts control of learning in the hands of the student and family.


    Anthony Lauer

    Principal, A2 Virtual+