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  • AP Exam Registration Information

    AP Testing Info for 2017

    2017 AP Exam Registration Information for Students/Parents

    Taking the Advanced Placement exams is an important part of all AP courses. AAPS desires that all students take AP exams for the AP classes that they have taken. Scoring well on an AP exam can often earn students college credit for their high school class, saving a significant amount on tuition. Policies vary with colleges; therefore, students should check with their potential colleges regarding their policy.

     For the 2017 AP exams, students will register online. This registration will take a few minutes and can be completed from any computer with internet access.

    In order to register, a student should click on the link specific to his/her school:

                Community students:   www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/230084

                Huron students:            www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/230086

                Pioneer students:         www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/230088

                Skyline students:          www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/230089

                Non-AAPS students:     www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/230097

    To complete the registration, students must answer all of the required questions. Registration is not complete until students have printed the PDF of the confirmation page, along with the 2017 Test Day Reminders, that is provided at the end. We know that parents may desire to register their students for exams. However, it is strongly recommended that the parents and students are both present while registering to ensure that the correct exams are ordered. Please verify the information that you enter is correct, especially the spelling of the student’s name, his/her home-base school (if dual enrolled), email address, phone number, and correct name of test being ordered.

    AAPS is excited to offer the families the convenience of paying exam fees online at the time of registration. Please be sure to have a credit card or debit card available before beginning registration. Paying online is a great way to make sure that the payment has been made while avoiding mailing payment.

    Here are important dates for the registration process:

    • Monday, January 30, 2017 at 7:00 am - Registration begins
    • Friday, February 24, 2017 at 11:59 pm - Registration ends
    • Monday, February 27, 2017 at 11:59 pm - Registrations that have not been paid will be cancelled and exams will not be ordered.
    • Friday, April 21, 2017 at 11:59 pm - Registrations cancelled after this date will receive no refunds.

    All deadlines are firm; please be sure to adhere to these deadlines so that you are not locked out of taking exams for 2017.

    Students must attend a Pre-Administration/Orientation session at his/her school. Failure to attend the Orientation prior to the start of testing will result in cancellation of your registration.

    Community students:   Monday, April 17, 2017 at 11:15 am Media Center

    Huron students:             Tuesday, April 18, 2017 Meyers Auditorium

    Pioneer students:           Wednesday, April 19, 2017 Cafeteria Annex & Career Center

    Skyline students:            Thursday, April 20, 2017 Media Center

    Non-AAPS students:       Friday, April 21, 2017 in the Pioneer Career Center

    PSAT Information

    Example PSAT Testing Day Schedule from 10-14-15 

    Our 11th grade students participate in a preliminary version of the SAT. The PSAT helps to prepare students for the SAT or ACT, and a great score can possibly lead to a National Merit Scholarship. This exam will only be issued to the 11th grade students. Please note 9th and 10th graders will be taking the PSAT 9/10 practice test. In addition, the PSAT 9/10 exam will be given, free of charge, to the 9th and 10th graders during the month of April. 12th grade students are encouraged to conduct college visits on this day.  However, we will have an alternate activity focused on college and career preparation in the gymnasium for 12th graders who attend school this morning during testing sessions.  A PDF file of the bell schedule for this day is linked below this message.  The schedule is also posted in our SLC offices, commons, and is available in our main office for interested parties.   Room assignments for students have been posted since the week of October 5th in the commons and on our 3rd and 4th floors in the B wing of our building. No registration is required. Should you or your student have any questions please feel free to see Ms. Britton in the 4th Floor Innovation SLC Office.

    Please consider taking advantage of the opportunities and potential strategies for improvement listed below.

    Opportunity 1 – Taking a Practice Test

    After taking a practice test, students can score their own practice test and learn from their mistakes.  The following is a link to a paper-pencil practice test.


    Opportunity 2 – Targeted Practice for the PSAT

    The College Board and Khan Academy® have partnered to make practicing easy and personal. At Khan Academy, you can access thousands of questions approved by the College Board, take four official SAT practice tests, and create personalized study plans based on your results.  The website to explore this dynamic opportunity is…


    Opportunity 3 – Guide to Your PSAT Scores

    The Princeton Review has provided a Guide to Your New PSAT Scores at the following website.  Also, College Board has several supports available to help families understand PSAT and SAT scoring at the following website.



    Please take time with our son/daughter to review these opportunities and gain insight to where your son/daughter stands.   We look forward to a successful testing experience this spring for all of our students.