What are tennis court shoes? 

    Tennis shoes are shoes designed to support the foot while playing tennis and prevent injury. 

    What is the difference between tennis shoes and running shoes article.

    What is meant by non-marking soled shoes? 

    UM Varsity Tennis Center requires participants to wear non-marking soled shoes on their indoor and outdoor courts. Shoes that don't leave a scuff mark and are specifically marked as such on the shoe or on the box. 

    Do I need a racquet? 

    Ann Arbor Rec & Ed instructors often have an extra racquet for our Youth and Beginner Adult programs. Loaner racquets are available for adults at the Rec & Ed front desk. Youth racquets size up to 25" are available for purchase. 

    Where are Rec & Ed tennis classes held? 

    OUTDOORS (April-October) Ann Arbor Rec & Ed tennis classes are held on Ann Arbor Public School high school and middle school tennis courts.

    INDOORS (November-March) Rec & Ed Tennis classes are held indoors at UM Varsity Tennis Center and The Chippewa Club. 

    Classes are held all year. 


    Tennis Contact & Location Information

    Vanda Shadigian
    Tennis Program Director
    Youth and Adult Instructor
    PTR Certified 
    PTR Michigan Member of the Year 2015 
    Tel. (734) 994-2300 x 53243

    Search classes taught by Vanda

    Adult Tennis Program Contact
    Tel. (734) 994-2300 x 53243

    Youth Tennis Program Contact
    Tel. (734) 994-2300 x 53243
    Fode Camara 
    Head Pro, Adult Program, PTR Certified

    Search classes taught by Fode

    Tennis Weather Hotline 
    For weather cancellations and program updates:
    Tel. (734) 994-2300 x 53117

    Youth Tennis Calendar

    Chippewa Club, 2525 Golfside Rd, Yspilanti, MI 48197
    Clague Middle School, 2616 Nixon Rd
    Huron High School, 2727 Fuller Rd

    Pioneer High School, 601 W. Stadium Blvd

    Scarlett Middle School, 3300 Lorraine 
    Skyline High School, 2552 N. Maple Rd
    Tappan Middle School, 2251 E. Stadium Blvd
    UM Varsity Tennis Center, 2250 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI