Principles of Engineering (POE)

  • This course provides an overview of the field of engineering and engineering technology. By exploring various technology systems and manufacturing processes, students learn how the engineering problem-solving process uses math, science and technology to benefit society.  A product’s entire lifecycle will be analyzed to help address concerns about its environmental, social, and political consequences. Possible areas of interest include alternative energy, waste management, transportation, aerodynamics, material analysis, and construction.  Students taking this course may be eligible for college credit through the National Affiliate/PLTW Exemplary Student Recognition program.  This program provides opportunities for students in a National Affiliate/PLTW certified school who have excelled in selected PLTW courses to receive transcribed, college credit.

    School Supplies:

    Engineer's Notebook: A quad-ruled composition notebook.
    Pens (blue or black) as well as standard pencils.