Edgenuity Incompletes

  • Incomplete Grade Notices and E2020

    Giving a student a grade of Incomplete (I) is a decision made by the teacher for a student when special circumstances indicate that additional time is necessary for the student to complete work required to earn credit for the course. All students receiving an “I” have 6 weeks to make up an incomplete. At the 6 week mark, all “I” grades turn into “E” grades. When filling out the Incomplete Grade Notice Form, please make it clear to the student, parent, counselor and administrator what is required and how the completed work will impact the grade.

    Standard Operating Procedure for “I” Grade Made Up in E2020:

    1. Student does not pass 1 or more units / projects / lessons of a course.
    2. Teacher determines that student should receive an “I” and make up work.
    3. Teacher fills out Incomplete Grade Notice Form.
    4. Teacher completes E2020 Credit Recovery Form for appropriate subject area (see below for links) to denote instruction needed for specific unit/units.
    5. Teacher prints out current copy of PowerTeacher grades for student.
    6. Teacher turns in copies of both forms and current copy of PowerTeacher grades to designated building administrator.
    7. Counselor schedules the E2020 class and gives a copy of the forms to E2020 teacher.
    8. Student completes unit(s)/ project(s) / lesson(s) in E2020 with a grade.
    9. E2020 teacher completes the Section 1 of the E2020 Exit Form and returns the required forms to the building principal.
    10. Building Principal completes Section 2 of the E2020 Exit Form and returns the form to the original teacher.**
    11. Original teacher determines the new grade for the unit(s)/project(s)/lesson(s), completes Section 3 of the E2020 Exit Form and turns form in to Records Office.
    12. Records Office completes Section 4 of the E2020 Exit Form and changes the grade as needed.
    **In the event that the teacher is unavailable when work is completed, please attach a Power School Printout of the student’s current standing to aid administrator in determining final grade.