GED & High School Completion Information

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    All GED and High School Completion Classes along with GED testing is free when a student is enrolled and participating in our program. You do not need to be a resident of Ann Arbor to be in our classes. We accept students 16 years of age and older. 

    The new computer based GED Test has launched, and GED preparation is necessary to successfully complete this new test. Appropriate instruction in all four subjects of the new test is provided in our GED Prep classes. Our classes are scheduled in both the day and evening at three different sites to better meet the needs of students. Be sure to read our flyers for the exact times and places. 

    Registration times vary for GED and High School Completion so be sure to read the attached flyers for the correct registration time. Students interested in the diploma program must bring a copy of their previous high school's transcript to help decide which classes will be needed to complete their dploma.

    During registration, all students are assessed to help determine academic stregths and weaknesses and have an opportunity to discuss their pathway to earning a GED or completing a diploma with an adult education advisor.
    The entire Ann Arbor Adult Education team is anxious to help you complete your high school credential and move into the many career and college opportunities that await you!
    Congratulations on continuing your education!