2012 School Funding Advocacy

  • PTO Council Advocacy Committee for School Funding Reform

    images: strength.jpg Purpose: Our purpose is to voice the concerns of parents in and near the Ann Arbor Public School District on state level school financing issues.  

    In order to advance our purpose, the Advocacy Committee has identified the following objectives:

    • Advocacy with Elected Officials – We are engaging in active advocacy with Washtenaw County elected representatives to express our desire for stable school funding and the high priority of education funding in the face of difficult budget decisions.
    • Parent Education – We are actively educating parents within AAPS on state school funding issues and their ability to effect change.

    Top 10 K-12 Public School Funding Advocacy Opportunities

    During this legislative session in Lansing, the stakes are incredibly high for students and families. With multiple bills proposing alarming reforms, we must join together at this critical time to influence legislators on behalf of schools.

    Please take part in at least one of the advocacy opportunities below. As you decide what your message will be, please read our latest fact sheet. You may also see our Talking Points developed in 2010.

    Email Governor Snyder and urge him to establish a stable funding base for schools.

    • Call, mail or email your legislators and ask them to fight for guaranteed school funding levels. If you are unsure who your legislator is, use these links to find your Representative and find your Senator.

    • Sign an online petition and customize it with your own views.

    • Write a letter to the editor that illustrates how the proposed reforms will impact your school or community.

    • Invite your legislator to your school for a site visit. Contact a PTOC member at ptoc.a2advocacy@gmail.com if you’d like help organizing and preparing for your legislator visit.

    • Attend a coffee hour or town hall meeting with your legislator. The legislators want to hear from the people they represent on issues that matter to them, and are scheduling meetings in your neighborhood. Print our Leave-Behind Sheet to share with people you meet.

    • Fan our "Ann Arbor PTO Council Advocacy Committee" page on Facebook to get the latest news and advocacy opportunities about school funding advocacy opportunities in Michigan.

    • Submit your comments to the House Education Committee.

    • Spread the message. Encourage your networks, coworkers, board members, friends, and family members to get vocal and make your message ring loud and clear in Lansing.

    Continue to visit this page for updates as the reform bills and issues evolve in Lansing. Please contact us at ptoc.a2advocacy@gmail.com if you have questions or need specific information about these issues.