• Pathway's Childcare Program

    Welcome to the childcare program at Pathways to Success Academic Campus.  We offer a multicultural program for infants and toddlers 4 weeks to 3 years of age while parents are attending class at Pathways. Enrollment is open to any child that has a parent attending Pathways, provided that the center is able to meet the needs of the child. Pathways students will be given first priority regarding childcare openings.  If additional space is available, then parents attending GED or ESL may apply for a childcare position on a first come first serve basis.  Our center capacity is 16 and if the center is full we will start a wait list and communicate when and if a space becomes available.


    Program Philosophy

    Our childcare facility is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for infants and toddlers.  Babies and toddlers learn by doing and they acquire knowledge of their world through playful interaction with people and objects. Babies and toddlers are motivated to learn by their own desire to make sense of the world. Recognizing that there is a wide range of development, interests, and abilities among the children in the center, we provide experiences that reflect the differing needs and abilities of all children while respecting the children as individuals. Activities and experiences that contribute to the intellectual, social, emotional, creative, and physical development of the child are designed and provided in a child-centered setting.