Pay to Participate

    Enrollment for 2024-2025 High School PTP opens on Monday, July 8.           
    The following fee options will be available for enrollment:
    $265 Sport Fee & Insurance Fee 
      $250 Sport Fee (this option opens on 10/1 and should be used if the $15 insurance fee has already been paid for a Fall Club Sport)
    $15 Club Sport Fee (for designated "Club Sports" only)
    Please click on this link (2024-25 Club Sports) to review a listing of the current sports eligible for the  $15 "Sport Fee/Insurance fee payment.
    ( If you register for the club sport fee option for a sport that is NOT a club sport, you will not be eligible to participate until the correct fees have been paid.  If you need financial assistance, please contact your school athletic office before you register)

    High School Student Fees:  This sports fee includes all three sports seasons: Fall, Winter and Spring. The total Pay to Participate fee is $265 per student for non-club sports*.  

    Note: Students participating in an eligible "Club Sport" are only required to pay the $15.00 nonrefundable AAPS insurance fee and are exempt from the Pay to Participate $250 Sport Fee.

    *Within the same school year, if a family has more than two students participating in high school athletics, the additional high school students in the same family will have the Pay to Participate Sport Fee waived. These additional students will still need to pay the $15.00 AAPS Insurance fee.

    Click on your school below to begin the online registration process.

    Huron PTP|  Pioneer PTP | Skyline PTP


    Enrollment for Middle School 2024-2025 PTP will open for enrollment Monday, August 19, 2024.

    Middle School Student FeesThere is an annual Sport Fee of $150  for each student which includes all five sports seasons.

    Click on your school below to begin the online registration process.

      A2 Steam  |  AA Open  |  Clague |

      Forsythe |  Scarlett l Slauson | Tappan

    Families who want to use cash to pay for Pay to Participate fees can do either of the following:
    • Call (734)994-2300 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. to make an appointment to come into the office OR
    • Use the secure drop box at the Rec & Ed office to deposit the cash payment.  Please download this form ( PTP Registration Form)  or include the student's name, address, birthdate, email, school and sport with your payment.
    Rec & Ed's Location and Secure Drop Box

    The Rec & Ed Office is located at 1515 S. Seventh Street, behind Pioneer High School. There is an entrance from Seventh Street and a parking lot. The slot for the secure drop box is to the left of the Rec & Ed entrance, around the corner of the building, on the outer brick wall.

    Rec & Ed Drop Slot on S. 7th side of the building


    Rec & Ed and Pay-to-Participate Fees
    Rec & Ed only processes the payments for the Pay to Participate Sport and Insurance fees. 

    Rec & Ed does not collect or process athletic forms. These forms should be taken to the student's school athletic office.

    Online registration and payment for the Pay to Participate program opens on July 8th  for high school students and in mid August for middle school students.

    For the registrations processed by Rec & Ed, you may receive a receipt in your e-mail. The charges may look something like "24-25"  Athletics Insurance Fee", "24-25"  Pay to Participate Fee.


    Scholarships/Fee Waivers
    Families requesting a waiver for the $250/$150 PTP Sport Fee must provide documentation to their school’s athletic office of one of the following:  An AAPS Free/Reduced Lunch Letter or Proof of a Current Rec & Ed Scholarship. Staff at your athletic office will give you a discount coupon code for online registration. The code you are given will automatically reduce your PTP Sport Fee by 50% or 100%. (The $15 Insurance/Club Sport fee is required from all students and is not covered by the scholarship/fee waiver program)

    Families may call the Rec & Ed office Monday- Friday from 8am - 5:00 pm (734.994.2300), or stop by the Rec & Ed office Mondays through Thursdays between 9am and 4pm and Rec & Ed staff will assist with phone-in registration for PTP.  The $15 fee will need to be paid via credit card.

    If your family does not have a current Rec & Ed scholarship, click on this link for additional information and application forms, Rec & Ed scholarship . (Please indicate on the scholarship form or attach a note that you are interested in waiving the Pay-to-Participate Sport Fee). Only one scholarship application is needed per household.

    Rec & Ed is currently accepting scholarship applications by email  or through our exterior drop slot located on the outside wall on the S. 7th street side of our building.  It takes 5-7 business days to process scholarship applications with all the completed documentation. 

    Requests for refunds should be directed to individual school athletic offices. Requests for refunds must comply with current refund guidelines and must be submitted to your child's athletic office by June 1st of the current school year.


    If you have questions regarding athletic forms, etc., please contact your athletic office:
    Huron: 734-994-2075
    Pioneer: 734-994-2151
    Skyline: 734-994-7075

    Middle school contact information:

    A2STEAM@Northside: 994-1958
    Ann Arbor Open at Mack: 994-1910
    Clague: 734-994-1976
    Forsythe: 734-994-1985
    Scarlett: 734-997-1220
    Slauson: 734-994-2004
    Tappan: 734-994-2011

    If you have questions regarding your Rec & Ed receipt or applying for a Rec & Ed scholarship, please contact Rec & Ed at 994-2300.